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Clark County Code

Codified Ordinances

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Please Note:

Chapters or sections of the County Code are enacted, repealed, or amended periodically. Consequently, portions of the code that appear on this site may not be the most recent or updated version available. In addition, although great care has been taken to produce this Code for our web site, it is possible that there are errors in reproduction or codification.

Therefore, before relying on any of the information contained here, please contact the most relevant department to verify that it is correct and current.

The Ordinances below are not yet codified in the Clark County Code Book. Contact Rebecca Tilton, (360) 397-2232 ext. 4305, if you need a copy of any of the ordinances. Clark County Ordinances are codified four times a year - March, June, September, and December.

When the Clark County Code Book is updated to include the Ordinances below, they will be removed from this list.

Res/Ord Chapter Date Subject
2004-12-14 3 12/14/04 Timber Tax
2004-12-13 2 12/14/04 Bad Debt

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