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Transportation planning

NE 179th Circulation Plan

Project summary

On November 28 the Board of Clark County Commissioners approved a circulation plan for the 179th Street area. The circulation plan amends the Arterial Plan Map which is part of the county's Comprehensive Plan and identifies their classifications. The plan shows key future road connections and identify their classifications. The plan does not identify every future local street or set the exact road alignment.

Why plan circulation?

Circulation planning is done to:

  • Establish a basic future roadway network through a public planning process;
  • Prevent excessive traffic on local streets not designed for it;
  • Provide an alternative to direct access to SR-503 (in this case) and arterial streets;
  • Provide certainty and an equitable distribution of impacts and costs to developers and property owners; and
  • Identify and minimize impacts to environmentally sensitive areas.

Why here?

The area north of 179th Street near the I-5 interchange was brought into the urban growth boundary as part of the 2004 Comprehensive Growth Management Plan update. Circulation plans are required to ensure that urban services will become available as new areas are opened up for development at urban densities. Road improvements would typically be constructed by private developers as the adjoining property is developed. Areas without circulation plans cannot develop at urban levels.


- Question and answer sheet (PDF)
- 179th Street Approved Plan (PDF 1MB)

Project contact

Mike Mabrey
(360) 397-2280 ext. 4343


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