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Comprehensive Growth Management Plan
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Transportation planning

Comprehensive Growth Management Plan

Plan monitoring

The Buildable Lands Program offers the opportunity for local governments to coordinate and analyze land supply to make sure that they have enough lands for development and to make sure that their Comprehensive Growth Management Plans are doing what they are expected to do.

Under the Buildable Lands Program, local governments monitor the intensity and density of development to determine whether a county and the cities within its boundaries are achieving urban densities sufficient to meet state growth projections. If development does not occur at planned levels, then reasonable measures, other than adjusting urban growth areas, need to be identified and appropriate action taken.  

- Data transfer protocols
- Buildable lands documents
- Comprehensive Growth Management Plan implementation monitoring
- Critical Areas summary
- Detail report
- Non-residential summary
- Population and employment capacity
- Residential summary
- Troubleshooting

Data transfer protocols (PDF)

Buildable Lands documents (PDFs)

Comprehensive Growth Management Plan Implementation Monitoring Report (PDFs)

Critical Areas Summary Report (PDFs)

Non-Residential Summary Report (PDFs)

Residential Summary Report (PDFs)

Detail Report (PDFs)

Population and employment capacity (PDFs)*

*Note: The capacity analysis is based on a snapshot of the Vacant Buildable Lands Model run. It does not represent total capacity as it does not include redevelopment potential.


Data not available (NA) -- You will receive this message if the data is not yet available. It may take up to 60 days to compile and verify monthly data.

Pre 2001 data missing - City data prior to 2001 may be missing because of inconsistencies in the way the data was compiled. Contact the city for additional information.

Reports do not show the desired data - Call Community Planning at (360) 397-2280 ext. 4558. We cannot reformat the report, but we may be able to show additional data. We can also create specific reports that identify school or fire districts for new single-family residential units. If we cannot provide the desired data, you will need to contact the city directly.

Data seems wrong - If you believe the data is incorrect, please call Community Planning (360) 397-2280 ext. 4558.

Program summary

Amendments to the Growth Management Act (GMA) in 1997 created a review and evaluation program requirement, which is often referred to as the Buildable Lands Program. It is required for six urban counties and the cities within their boundaries and is optional for all others. The six counties are Clark, King, Kitsap, Pierce, Snohomish, and Thurston.

According to Washington State Department of Community Trade and Economic Development, in a letter dated March 16, 2007, GMA counties and jurisdictions should acknowledge the Buildable Lands Report through adoption of a resolution or ordinance by the appropriate legislative body.



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