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Promising Future

Map showing Clark County in WAAt one time Clark County took in all of Washington State. Today, at 656.6 square miles, the county ranks 35th out of the 39 Washington counties in terms of size.

Despite its size, Clark County consistently rates high in terms of livability. With more than 40 miles of frontage along the Columbia River, the county offers a mix of urban areas, parks, rural farmlands, and forests. Fishing, hunting, swimming, boating, camping, and hiking are just a few of the outdoor hobbies that flourish here.

Trains, planes, and ocean-going commerce
A regional hub for transportation and commerce, Clark County is just 15 minutes away from the Portland International Airport. Interstate 5 and Interstate 205 provide access to major economic centers in Washington and Oregon, and transcontinental rail links serve the county. The Port of Vancouver offers a deep-draft harbor for ocean-going commerce.

Now the fifth most populous county in the state, Clark County has experienced rapid population growth in the last several decades. Population increased from 192,227 in 1980 to 363,400 in 2002.

All of these factors have sparked the local economy, which has been steadily growing and diversifying. Stable economic growth is expected to continue into the future.

Jobs wanted
Bringing new jobs to this area is one of the main goals in the county's 20-year Comprehensive Growth Management Plan Review, which was adopted in 2004. While the future ahead looks promising, major challenges will include controlling traffic congestion, maintaining air quality, keeping housing affordable, educating our young, and promoting healthy economic growth.

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