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Who governs Clark County?

When you think of county government, what comes to mind? Probably activities like road repairs, elections, and health inspections.

But if you take a moment to investigate further, you might be surprised at the wide range of other services Clark County provides to you and all the residents of this community. In fact, the goal of county government is to supply citizens with services they can’t easily provide themselves. (See the county's organization chart - PDF file, 8.5" x 14" page size)

With more than 600 programs, Clark County government is the only local jurisdiction that supplies regional services to the entire geographic area of the county. Some of the services provided to all county residents include:

• Courts and prosecuting attorneys.
• Marriage licenses.
• Emergency services, such as 9-1-1.
• Regional parks.
• Family and youth services, including help for families with a disabled or mentally ill child.

County government also provides some additional services to residents living in unincorporated Clark County – all the area outside the boundaries of cities like La Center or Vancouver. These additional services are similar to what cities usually provide their residents, including:

• Sheriff’s patrols and crime prevention activities.
• Solid waste, recycling, and yard debris removal.
• Sewer, water quality, and wastewater programs.
• Road design, construction, and maintenance.

The boss: Clark County voters
The needs and wants of voters have much to do with determining the kinds of services they receive from local government. Citizens elect the officials who run Clark County. In addition, many have official roles, serving on a number of issue-oriented task forces and more than 30 citizen advisory boards that help shape the county’s future. Others assume leadership positions in the county’s neighborhood associations.

These people help make important decisions about policies, how resources are distributed, and how services are provided to the community. Their work affects decisions that deal with everything from land-use planning to weed management.

To find out more about county government
Want to learn more about who governs Clark County? Want to have a speaker talk about county services at your community meeting? Want to have your views heard on major county issues? Information about all of these subjects is available on this Web site.


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