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Buses to bike paths

Buses to bike paths

Clark County is located just 15 minutes away from the Portland International Airport. The Port of Vancouver offers a deep-draft harbor for ocean-going commerce, and transcontinental rail links serve the county. Two freeways, Interstate 5 and Interstate 205, have bridges that join major economic centers in both Washington and Oregon.

Here are links to information that can help you get around in Clark County.

Bike Trails Buses

Portland International Airport

Major streets and highways
  • Streets, ways, and circles run east and west.
  • Avenues, places, and courts run north and south.
  • Drives, loops, or roads are diagonal or irregular.
  • Major arterials may be named to retain local or historical meaning and may be designed as boulevards, highways, expressways, or parkways. New roads usually have numbers.
  • The North-South baseline is Division Street in Vancouver while the East-West baseline is First Street. This divides the county into quadrants: NE, NW, SE, and SW, which come before the street name or number.
  • In addresses, even numbers are on the north side of streets and the west side of avenues. The first three digits of an address are the block number, while the last two digits are the house number.

Clark County Road Atlas
For more information on how to get around Clark County, Geographic Information Services (GIS) publishes an updated Road Atlas each year.

Washington State Department of Transportation


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