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Services and Advocacy

From the onset, CJC seeks to prevent further trauma to promote safety and healing to victims of child abuse and their non-offending family members with opportunities to receive services and advocacy.

The YWCA Sexual Assault Program provides children with advocacy services at the center for sexual abuse cases. The Clark County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office provides victim advocates for criminal physical abuse cases. Advocates provide support for child victims during the judicial process and the YWCA advocates provide medical advocacy services for children who must undergo a sexual assault examination. Advocates help keep the victim and non-offending family members informed, take time to listen, comfort and assist them in accessing healing and supportive services. Many advocates work with children at the center and there are two YWCA advocates assigned to the on-site at CJC.

Medical Services

CJC has established protocols with Southwest Washington Medical Center Emergency Department and Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center to support greater recognition of suspected child abuse crimes and coordination to help child victims’ access necessary health care and prevent further harm to a child. CJC includes an on-site examination room for local providers to utilize when the center is a better option than busy emergency rooms or clinics. In addition, Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center has established the Child Abuse Assessment Team (CAAT) to provide child victims of sexual abuse with the specialized medical care needed.

Mental Health Services

CJC’s team partner for sexually abused children is the Children’s Center mental health services. Their specially trained staffs provide excellent mental health services at no cost to victims or non-offending family members. Columbia River Mental Health and the Children’s Homes Society are also CJC partners for therapeutic care.

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