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More tips

Check deadlines. If you are submitting written comments on a matter that may have a comment deadline, be sure to check out the deadline and submit material well ahead of time to account for possible mail or filing delays.

Keep copies. When writing to us, whether it is an official comment submission or not, keep a copy of what you have written and know to whom you sent it. This can be a valuable reference in your follow-up contacts.

Use our names. When sending correspondence, address it to a specific person if possible. This will help everyone with follow-up work.

Sign in. County meetings often have sign-in sheets. Although there is no requirement to sign in, the sign-in sheets are often used as mailing lists for later communications from the county about the issue at hand.

Communicate with facts rather than rhetoric. The more clearly you state the facts, the better your chances are of getting the results you seek. Rhetoric may obscure the facts.

Keep a phone record. Keep a good record of whom you are speaking with by phone or in person and when you spoke. In making follow-up contacts, this can help pinpoint information and clear up confusion about who said what and when it was said.

Avoid the shotgun approach. Some people will call everyone in the county they can think of who might solve a problem or answer a question. Sometimes they do this without giving the first person they called a chance to respond and without telling each person that the others are being called. Several people may end up duplicating work on your question. This is not an effective use of county time — paid by taxpayers — and does not foster goodwill.

Use our voicemail when we’re out. We try to answer our phones in person. But when we are out, most phones at the county are on a 24-hour voice mail system that allows you to leave as long a message as necessary. Don’t hesitate to leave enough details for us to fully respond to your question. Often we can have an answer prepared for you when we return your call. This can save you extra calls. Please be sure to state your name and phone number clearly.

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Street address: 1300 Franklin Street, Floor 6, Vancouver, WA 98660
Mailing address: P.O. Box 5000, Vancouver, WA 98666-5000
Main phone: (360) 397-6012 | FAX: (360) 397-6015
Responsible elected official: Board of Clark County Commissioners

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