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Supervised Probation

Supervised Probation is for offenders that need closer monitoring, generally for 2 years. In addition to court conditions the offender is required to meet with a probation officer. The schedule, location and frequency of contacts are based on a supervision needs classification. There are regular classification reviews, programming requirements and frequency of contact can be adjusted up or down as necessary. The probation officer works closely with the offender, treatment providers and other involved parties to provide consistent and controlled intervention as ordered by the court. Issues of offender compliance are brought to the sentencing judge's attention.

Bench Probation 

Bench Probation is for offenders who progress adequately and directly from treatment or programming. Upon the offender's completion of court conditions the case is closed.


Restitution is ordered through District Court in criminal conviction matters for damages and or loss of property per RCW 9.94A.750.  Corrections establishes an amount which is then set by the sentencing Judge.  The focus is on victim recovery with insurance coverage managed by the agency through corporate recovery process.  

Probation Fees

Sentenced offenders are required to pay a monthly monitoring fee to Corrections.

What Corrections staff can tell you about an offender's case:

  • Is a certain individual on supervision through Corrections?
  • Who is an individual's probation officer?
  • What is required of an individual on probation?

What Corrections staff can NOT tell you (without a signed release from the offender):

  • How is a person doing on probation?
  • How is a person doing in treatment or programming?

Corrections is bound to legislated confidentiality laws on individual offenders. What can be reported outside law and justice is what has been done in open court. If ordered to probation we can tell you the charges and conditions of probation. Without a specific release from the offender we cannot tell you how the person as an individual is performing on probation. Regarding treatment and other programming we cannot provide the information. Secondary release of information we receive is unlawful.


Bernita Brumbaugh - Program Manager

Linda Shaw - Program Manager


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