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ClerkePass order documents online

ClerkePass is a website through which you can order certified copies or non-certified copies from our office. Clark County Clerk's Office is associated with ClerkePass at

Only records that have been scanned can be requested through this service.   Currently all records are scanned back to 1998 to present.  We are in the middle of a large microfilm to imaging project that will convert microfilm records back to 1985 to digital images.   Once these records are converted, they can then be ordered through this service. 

The documents requested at ClerkePass that are certified are signed with a digital id and signature. When a request is made the documents are uploaded to ClerkePass by someone in our office and certified by a deputy clerk. The ClerkePass website attaches a digital id to the document, so the certification of the document can actually be verified by going to the ClerkePass website and inputting the digital id. This is assurance that the document actually came from the Clark County Clerk and was certified by our office. There is an additional $8.00 fee on top of the certification fee for using this service.  Local attorneys probably would not use this service unless you needed to urgently have an electronic certified copy sent to some other distant location such as another court or attorney in another State.    Presumably if you are local you would obtain certified copies from the Clerk's Office directly.   You can also order non-certified copies from ClerkePass and the surcharge is $4.00 on top of the Clerk's fee of .25 cents per page. 



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