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Electronic filing

As of May 5th, 2014, the Clark County Clerk’s Office began accepting e-filing from those attorneys who have registered and received a user ID and password.  If you have already registered with District Court, you will not need to register with Superior Court. However, if a legal assistant registered in District Court, they cannot e-file with their user ID and password in Superior Court.  They must e-file with the attorney's user ID and password.  If an attorney is not registered, please fill out and submit a registration form and return to Clerk's Office by e-mailing the completed form to Please use the following naming convention (DoeJohn.pdf) when naming your form. You may also mail or deliver the completed registration form to the Clerk's Office.

Save these instructions for logging into the FTP user account.  If you have e-filed with District Court, the process is very much the same, however, just select the Superior Court folder path.

E-filing will not be mandatory in Superior Court.

Only Black & White Group 4 .TIF  images scanned at 300 dpi will be accepted for e-filing ( NO PDF’s). 

New Superior Court cases and other pleadings can be filed after the filing fee has been paid.  New Cases may be e-filed for case type 2, 3, and 4. Contact Felicia Corona at 360-397-2292 ext. 4250 to pay the filing fee.  Payments can be made with a debit/credit card or you can send a check or money order.  You may purchase a block of case numbers if you anticipate a large number of case filings.

For purposes of e-filing, attorneys may sign their documents in the following manner

s/ John Attorney
State Bar Number 12345
ABC Law Firm
123 South Fifth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104
Telephone: (206) 123-4567
Fax: (206) 123-4567

Or you can sign and scan the document.   See GR 30 Electronic Filing Rule.


The electronic document will be considered filed when it is received by the clerk's designated computer during the clerk's business hours; otherwise the document is considered filed at the beginning of the next business day. (Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm, except scheduled holidays)

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the filing party along with a conformed copy of the document. If you need to change your primary e-mail address please contact Nancy Campbell at 360-397-2295 Ext 4249 or submit a new registration form with the updated information.

E-Filing of Declarations:  If you are e-filing a declaration follow instructions as described in GR17(2) for facsimile transmission.

The following documents shall not be e-filed and must be filed in paper form:

  • Court orders signed by a judge - Original orders must be filed at the Clerks Office
  • Exparte orders to be signed by exparte judge
  • Foreign judgments
  • Original wills and codicils, including new probate cases that include original wills or codicils
  • Certified records of proceedings for purposes of appeal
  • Negotiable instruments
  • Bail bonds
  • Documents presented for filing during a court hearing or trial
  • Documents of foreign governments under official seal
  • Bench copies for the judicial office
  • Bonds in probate and guardianship cases
  • Documents for filing in an Aggravated Murder case
  • Administrative Law Review (ALR) Petitions
  • Interpleader or Surplus Funds Petitions
  • Documents submitted for in camera review
  • Affidavits for Writs of Garnishment and Writs of Execution
  • Writs (that have to be issued by the Clerk)
  • Letters of Testamentary
  • Letters of Guardianship
  • Letters of Administration
  • 3rd Party Custody – non parental

E-Filing Presentation and demontration of the E-filing process. ppsx format

Video Demonstration of how to E-File (wmv)

Video Demonstration of how to set up PDFCreator to Print to Tif format for E-Filing. (wmv)

How to upload documents using FileZilla (PDF)

Instructions how to print documents from PDF to TIF (PDF)
The above instructions are for a free software printer that will print any digital document to TIF. This software is available at
*Update - There is a new version of PDFCreator available to download, PDFCreator 2.0. If you download or upgrade to this version the instructions on how to set options for printing to a TIF file are list here. PDFCreator 2.0 Instructions

E-File Registration Form Fill out this E-file Registration form to set up an FTP Account for E-Filing. If you are registering for e-filing in District Court only, see electronic e-file instructions on District Court's webpage.

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