Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Judge Daniel L. Stahnke, Department 1, 3rd Floor
9:00 AM Juvenile Docket, Juvenile Building, Courtroom #2
11:00 AM St v. Hale, Robert, Hearing (Banfield/Wear) 10-1-00435-1
1:30 PM Wright, Stacey v. Wright, Dale, 1/2 Day Non Jury Trial (Pro Se/Pro Se/Field/Peterson) 13-3-00027-7
Judge David E. Gregerson, Department 2, 3rd Floor
8:45 AM St v. Pena, Angelino, Motion (Gasperino/Schile) 13-1-00417-8
9:00 AM Iron Gate v. Tapio Construction, Cont Jury Trial (Matson/Noel) 11-2-01709-9
1:00 PM St v. Newland, David, Sentencing (Hayes/Harlan) 13-1-00090-3
1:30 PM Cont AM Jury Trial 
Judge John F. Nichols, Department 3, 4th Floor
9:00 AM Marshall, Suzette v. Heikkinen, Donald, Non Jury Trial (Shafton/Retsinas) 09-2-00703-2
3:30 PM St v. Tewee, Charles, Hearing (PA/Sowder) 10-1-01517-5
Department 5, 5th Floor
Judge Barbara D. Johnson, Department 6, 4th Floor
3:00 PM St v. Bethke, Gayle, COP/Sentencing (Nugent/Lavallee) 12-1-01739-5
3:30 PM St v. Albarran, Miguel, Sentencing (Banfield/Dixon) 13-1-01301-1
Judge Suzan L. Clark Department 8, 3rd Floor
9:00 AM Juvenile Trials, Juvenile Building, Courtroom #1, No Trials Set
1:30 PM Juvenile Trials, Juvenile Building, Courtroom #1
3:00 PM Snider, Darlene v. Crogg, Kenneth, Hearing (Senescu/Pro Se) 14-2-00423-4
Judge Robert A. Lewis, Department 9, 5th Floor
9:00 AM In Re: Hatfield, Cont Bench Trial (Bartels/Sanders/Forde) 12-2-00708-3
1:30 PM Cont AM Bench Trial
Judge Scott A. Collier, Department 10, 4th Floor
9:00 AM Arraignment Court, Arraignment Courtroom, Ground Floor
1:30 PM In Custody Change of Plea, Arraignment Courtroom, Ground Floor  
Commissioner Carin S. Schienberg
9:00 AM Domestic Show Cause Docket Department #8, 3rd Floor
1:00 PM Ex Parte Department #5, 5th Floor - Comm. Liebman & Comm. Snider Presiding
Commissioner Dayann M. Liebman
9:00 AM Domestic Show Cause Docket - Department #5, 5th Floor
1:30 PM Pro Se Docket - Department #5, 5th Floor
Commissioner Jennifer K. Snider
9:00 AM Domestic Show Cause Docket - Department #1, 3rd Floor
Jurors No Jurors reporting to the Jury Assembly Room, 1st Floor
Judge Gregory M. Gonzales, Courtroom #2 
9:00 AM Beck, Julie v. Beck, Paul, Non Jury Trial (Gazzola/Pro Se) 13-3-00791-3
1:30 PM Ensworth, Russell v. Ensworth, Karen, Non Jury Trial (Pro Se/Pro Se) 13-3-01536-3
Judge James E. Rulli, Courtroom #3
9:00 AM Trusty, Heather v. Trusty, Lynnial, Entry (Bennett/Brinkman) 09-3-02614-6
12:30 PM Juvenile Recovery - Pre Court Meeting - Juvenile Building, Courtroom #2
3:00 PM Juvenile Recovery Docket - Juvenile Building, Courtroom #2
Commissioner Carin S. Schienberg, Courtroom #1
2:00 PM Pro Se Domestic Docket CANCELLED        
Commissioner Jennifer K. Snider, Courtroom #3
1:30 PM   Pro Se Domestic Docket 
Judge Suzan L. Clark, Courtroom #1
9:00 AM Juvenile Trials, No Trials Set 
1:30 PM Juvenile Trials
Judge James E. Rulli, Courtroom #2 
12:00 PM Juvenile Recovery - Pre-Court Meeting
3:00 PM Juvenile Docket 
Judge Daniel L. Stahnke, Courtroom #2
9:00 AM   Juvenile Docket