Friday, January 30, 2015
Judge Daniel L. Stahnke, Department 1, 3rd Floor
8:30 AM In Re: May, Hearing (Read) 07-4-00098-5
9:00 AM Arraignment Court - Arraignment Courtroom, Ground Floor
9:00 AM Family Law Docket - Family Law Annex, Courtroom #1 **CANCELLED**
1:00 PM Lackey, Greg v. Lackey, Carolynn, Hearing (Marston/Pro Se) 10-3-02863-1
1:30 PM Ames, Gretchen v. Ames, Dan, Non Jury Trial (Pro Se/Pro Se/Sell)13-3-00617-8
Judge David E. Gregerson, Department 2, 3rd Floor
10:30 AM St v. Jiminez, Miguel, Motion (Duncan/Bogar) 14-1-02001-5
1:30 PM Probate Docket
3:00 PM McCarthy, Fearghal v. Deford, Kevin, Motion (Paternoster/Turner) 12-2-03111-1
Judge, Department 3, 4th Floor
1:30 PM Criminal Docket - Arraignment Courtroom, Ground Floor ***CANCELLED***
Judge Gregory M. Gonzales, Department 4, 5th Floor
9:00 AM Civil Motion Docket 
9:00 AM Unlawful Detainer/Eviction Docket
10:00 AM Drug Court Meeting
12:00 PM RES DOSA Docket 
1:00 PM In Custody Drug Court Docket
3:00 PM St v. Dawson, James, Motion (Robinson/Thayer) 15-1-00116-7
3:00 PM St v. Younce, Brian, Sentencing (Harvey/Green) 13-1-01700-8
Judge Barbara D. Johnson, Department 6, 4th Floor
Judge Suzan L. Clark, Department 8, 3rd Floor
9:00 AM Civil Motion Docket
1:30 PM St v. Grinde, Teila, Hearing (DPA/Wear) 14-1-01652-2
2:30 PM TCG Enterprises v. Dickens, Chad, Hearing (Pro Se/Pro Se) 14-2-02317-5
Judge Robert A. Lewis, Department 9, 5th Floor 
9:00 AM In Custody Change of Plea
1:15 PM St v. Fite, Paul, Hearing (Nisle/Staples) 14-1-00865-1
1:30 PM St v. Lindsey, Paul, Hearing (Banfield/Schile) 14-1-00821-0
Judge Scott A. Collier, Department 10, 4th Floor
9:00 AM St v. Oxford, Nicholas, Cont Jury Trial (Farra/Sowder) 14-1-02397-9
1:30 PM Cont AM Jury Trial 
Commissioner Carin S. Schienberg, Department 3, 4th Floor
1:00 PM Ex Parte
Commissioner Dayann M. Liebman, Department 1, 3rd Floor
10:00 AM Cathcart, Dawn v. Clarno, David, Settlement Conference (Pro Se/Pro Se) 14-3-00732-6
Jurors No Jurors reporting to the Jury Assembly Room, 1st Floor 
Judge Bernard F. Veljacic, Department 5, Courtroom #2
9:00 AM Family Law Docket **CANCELLED**
1:30 PM Termination Docket Judge Rulli Presiding, Courtroom #3
2:00 PM Adoption Docket **CANCELLED**
Judge James E. Rulli, Department 7, Courtroom #3
9:00 AM Family Law Docket 
1:30 PM Termination Docket
2:00 PM Van Hal, Edwin v. Kelly, Haley, Non Jury Trial (Toth/Pro Se/Pro Se/Sell) 13-3-02269-6
Judge Daniel L. Stahnke, Department 1, Courtroom #1
9:00 AM Family Law Docket **CANCELLED**
Commissioner Carin S. Schienberg, Courtroom #1
2:00 PM   Dependency Trials
Commissioner Jennifer K. Snider, Courtroom #1
9:00 AM Juvenile Docket -  Courtroom #2
1:30 PM Pro Se Finalization Docket 
Commissioner Dayann M. Liebman, Courtroom #2
11:30 AM King, Jaime v. Elliott, Daniel, Special Set (Roe/Sundstrom) 07-3-01138-0
1:30 PM Pro Se Finalization Docket
Commissioner Carin S. Schienberg, Courtroom #1
9:00 AM   Dependency Trials