Thursday,  December 18, 2014
Judge Daniel L. Stahnke, Department 1, 3rd Floor
Sarah 9:00 AM Lackey, Greg v. Lackey, Carolynn, 1/2 Day Non Jury Trial (Marston/Pro Se) 10-3-02863-1
1:30 PM Sorn, Sadie v. Thomas, Kiley, 1/2 Day Non Jury Trial (Kennedy/Gaffney) 14-3-01514-1 
Judge David E. Gregerson, Department 2, 3rd Floor
8:30 AM Swear in Attorney - Nina Fisk
Ashley 9:00 AM Schultz, Kathleen & Peter v. Geico Insurance, Cont Jury Trial (Robison/Hornbrook) 10-2-04724-1
1:30 PM Cont AM Jury Trial
Judge John F. Nichols, Department 3, 4th Floor
Judge Gregory M. Gonzales, Department 4, 5th Floor
Loa 9:00 AM St v. Williams, David, COP (Harvey/Phelan) 14-1-01156-3
9:00 AM Drug Court Meeting 
10:30 AM Drug Court Docket 
12:45 PM Drug Court Meeting 
2:00 PM Drug Court Docket 
3:30 PM St v. Strode, James, Hearing (Robinson/Wear) 95-1-01030-0/13-1-01966-3
Judge Barbara D. Johnson, Department 6, 4th Floor
Judge Suzan L. Clark, Department 8, 3rd Floor
9:30 AM Jaimes, Maria v. Jaimes, Aniceto, Settlement Conference (Culbertson/Brinkman) 14-3-00574-9
10:30 AM Guardaro, Aimee v. Guardaro, Otto, Settlement Conference (Breitreed/Roe) 14-3-00510-2
Stephanie 1:30 PM In Custody Readiness Docket - Arraignment Courtroom, Ground Floor
Judge Robert A. Lewis, Department 9, 5th Floor
Michelle 1:00 PM Nutter, Arthur & Janice v. Brock, Samuel & Kimberly, UD Hearing (McCoy/Pro Se) 14-2-03251-3
Judge Scott A. Collier, Department 10, 4th Floor
Kalen 9:00 AM Arraignment Docket - Arraignment Courtroom, Ground Floor
Faye 1:30 PM Out of Custody Change of Plea Docket 
Commissioner Jennifer K. Snider
Jenna 9:00 AM PV Docket - Department #10, 4th Floor
Pat 1:00 PM Ex Parte - Department #8, 3rd Floor
Jurors "25" Jurors reporting @ 8:15am to the Jury Administration Room, 1st Floor
Judge Bernard M. Veljacic, Courtroom #2
Julie 9:00 AM McGrew, Lisa v. McGrew, Paul, Readiness (Brinkman/Lee) 10-3-02913-1
9:00 AM Reed, Jessica v. Reed, Randall, Readiness (McGrath/Baran) 13-3-00828-6
9:00 AM Green, Meridian v. Garcia, Guadalupe, Readiness (Pro Se/Pro Se/Larson) 13-3-01078-7
Chriss 1:30 PM In Re: Collier, Hearing (Tilden) 14-5-00359-0
Judge James E. Rulli, Courtroom #3
Erica 9:00 AM Richmond, Kapper & Sara v. Coss, William, Readiness (Petersen/Foley) 14-5-00016-7
9:00 AM Cokeley, Hope v. Evans, Joshua, Trial Setting (Pro Se/Pro Se/Larson) 13-3-00600-3
9:00 AM Stone, John v. Stone, Jennifer, Trial Setting (Bender/Pro Se) 12-3-01933-6
9:00 AM Goin, Jennifer v. Hoffman, Robert, Trial Setting (Pro Se/Pro Se/Larson) 12-3-00270-4
9:00 AM Lee, Greg v. Lee, Ashli, Trial Setting (Pro Se/Pro Se) 13-3-02135-5
9:00 AM Karnoski, Jeffrey v. Maine, Cynthis, Readiness (Pro Se/Rusch) 13-3-00287-3
9:00 AM Flynn, Carol v. Roop, Jacob, Readiness (Pro Se/Pro Se/Townsend/Field) 14-3-00527-7
9:00 AM Turner, Mark v. Mickelson, Theresa, Readiness (Pro Se/Holmes) 13-3-00610-1
9:00 AM Spitler, Valerie v. Spitler, Mark, Readiness (Pro Se/Drew) 10-3-01403-6
Commissioner Carin S. Schienberg, Courtroom #1
Kim 9:00 AM Dependency Shelter Care Docket
1:30 PM Modification Docket
Commissioner Dayann M. Liebman, Courtroom #3
Beth 1:30 PM Modification Docket
Commissioner Jennifer K. Snider, Courtroom #2
Julie 2:00 PM   Modification Docket 
Commissioner Dayann M. Liebman, Courtroom #2
Beth 9:00 AM   Juvenile Docket