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District Court forms here or found under the District Court link on the left of the screen.

Forms for Superior Court and Clark County Clerk's Office

Sealed Cover Sheets: Per GR 22 in Family Law and Guardianship cases, the appropriate cover sheet must be attached to the original document(s) for it to become sealed AND a separate copy of the cover sheet must be filed for the public file. This policy applies E-Filing as well as documents filed at the Clerk's Office in person or by mail. Please use the correct cover sheet for the type of documents being filed. E-File the document with the cover sheet as the 1st page and also e-file the cover separately as 1 page document for the public file. Below are the sealed covers sheets provided by Washington State Courts at

Sealed Confidential Guardianship Document



Fee Schedule (PDF)
Cover Sheet for Case Type 2
(PDF - 231KB)
Cover Sheet for Case Type 3 & 6 (PDF - 180KB)
Guide to the Clerk's Office (PDF - 223KB)

2014-2015 Judge Rotation Block Schedule (PDF - 24KB) This schedule remains the same for 2015.  Use this block style schedule together with the 2015 Judge Rotation Schedule below.

2015 Judge Rotation Schedule (PDF - 10KB)

This is the Judge Rotation Schedule for 2015. Use this rotation schedule together with the Judge Rotation Block Schedule above to determine what a particular judge schedule is for any given week.   This updated Rotation Schedule reflects that Dept#6 Judge Fairgrieve in Family Law as of 4/20/2015. Judge Fairgrieve assumes the case load previously assigned to Dept #1 when Judge Stahnke was in Family Law.

2016 Judge Rotation Schedule (PDF - 42KB) Updated 10/13/2015 

This the Judge Rotation Schedule for 2016.  Use this rotation schedul together with the Judge Rotation Block Schedule listed above for 2014-2015 which does not change under May.  The block schedule will change May 2, when Judge Clark will rotate to Family Law and Judge Veljacic will rotate to Civil/Criminail/Probate rotation.

2015 Domestic Relations Docket Scheduling Guide (PDF - 11KB) This Domestic Relations Scheduling Guide has been updated with changes that are effective 04-20-2015.  

Citation Form (Word doc) - This is a general citation for use for noting a motion on the court docket. It can be used for civil, domestic or criminal cases.

Citation Form For Change of Plea Dockets (word doc) - This is the citation for to use when citing to criminal change of plea dockets only.  This citation may be fax to the clerk's office and will constitute an original filing.  Please see change of plea information on the County Clerk's Docket changes and cancellations page.

Copy Request Form (PDF) - This form is used to request copies from Superior Court files.

Family Law Forms

Domestic Relations Forms (
Forms are available for download on the Web site of the Administrator for the Courts for Washington State. There are also several self-help guides which may assist you. This link will take you to that Web site. 

Family Court Facilitator ( This is a link to information about the Clark County Clerk's Office family court facilitator program for parties handling their family court issues without the assistance of an attorney. 

Certification Form (word doc) for dissolution cases required per Local Court Rule 11(a)

3rd Party Search Form (Word doc - 28KB) for 3rd party custody / non parental custody cases.

GR 34 Fee Waiver Forms (
New forms to motion the court for a waiver of filing fees in Domestic and Civil case types are available through the Administrator of the Courts for Washington State.

Citation Form (word doc) - This is a general citation for use for noting a motion on the court docket. It can be used for civil, domestic or criminal cases.

No Contact Order Forms

No Contact Order Rescind Process
Protected Person's Motion to modify/Rescind Domestic Violence No-Contact Order
(Word Doc)
Notice of Hearing (for Protected Person's Motion to Modify/Rescind DV No-Contact Order) (Word Doc)
Order Denying Hearing (Word Doc)
Order re Motion to Modify/Rescind DV No-Contact Order (Word Doc)

Forms for Superior Court

Request for ADA Accommodations (PDF - 18KB)
Notice to set for trial (Word doc)
Notice to set for trial - Family Law (Word Doc
Pretrial Settlement Conference Affidavit (PDF - 111KB)
Response to Notice to Set for Trial (Word doc)
Satisfaction of Judgement (PDF 12KB)

Clerk's Office Collection's Unit Forms

Waiver of Interest Forms (PDF - 126k) These forms are for requesting a waiver of interest on legal financial obligations on criminal cases once the principal has been paid.

Financial Assessment Form (PDF - 28.9) This is the financial assessment form for those individuals who are making payments on court ordered legal financial obligations and are being monitored by the Collections Unit

Guardian Ad Litem Registry
Guardian ad litem Registry application (Word doc)
GAL Registry 11
GAL Registry 26
GAL Registry 13
Adoption GAL Registry

Guardianship Forms

Establishing A Guardianship (PDF):
Notice of Guardianship Petition (PDF)
Petition for Guardian of the Person and/or the Estate (PDF)
Order Appointing Guardian of thePerson and/or Estate(PDF)
Informational Video for Guardians 
Guardian ad litem Oath (Word doc)
Guardian ad litem Release (Word doc)
Letters of Guardianship (Word doc)
Accounting Of Guardian (PDF)
Confidential Cover Sheet (PDF)
Periodic Personal Care Plan (PDF)
Designation of Standby Guardian (PDF)
Guardianship Summary - Review (Word doc)
Guardianship Summary - Initial Appointment (Word doc)
Guardian's Report, Accounting and Budget
Pattern forms available at Washington Courts Forms page

Drug Court and DOSA Attorney Forms

Drug Court OPT-IN PACKET - revised 10/22/2013
Residential DOSA OPT-IN PACKET- revised 10/22/2013

Clark County Clerk's Office: Scott G. Weber, County Clerk
Street Address: 1200 Franklin Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
Mailing Address: PO Box 5000, Vancouver, WA 98666-5000
Main phone: (360) 397-2292 | Criminal: (360) 397-2295 | FAX: (360) 397-6099
Juvenile (360) 397-2073 | Collections Unit: (360) 397-6085

Clark County District Court Administrator: Rafaela Selga
Street Address: 1200 Franklin Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
Main phone: (360) 397-2424

Clark County Superior Court Administrator: Jeffrey Amram
Street Address: 1200 Franklin Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
Main phone: (360) 397-2150

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