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Therapeutic Specialty Courts

National Drug Court Month
Learn more about Clark County Drug Courts.

Clark County offers six Therapeutic Specialty Court programs between both Superior and District courts. Therapeutic Speciality Court programs offer treatment and other recovery support services in Clark County to help participants treat underlying substance abuse, mental health and/or co-occurring disorders while under the supervision of the court. The mission for each program is simple: help participants to get re-established in the community; improve skills and self-sufficiency; reduce cycle of addiction and crime; and help restore and reunite families.

These programs are based on 10 key components of effective drug courts outlined by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, Therapeutic Jurisprudence and evidence-based best practices in substance abuse treatment. Learn more about drug courts.

More information on Superior Court programs (PDFs)
- Family Treatment Court
- Felony Drug Court
- DOSA brochure
- Juvenile Recovery Court

More information on District Court programs (PDFs)
- Substance Abuse Court
- Veterans Therapeutic Court
- Mental Health Court

Local statistics(PDFs)

- Therapeutic Specialty Courts - 2009 Year End Summary

- Therapeutic Specialty Courts - 2010_Year End_Summary

Opt in forms for attorneys (PDFs)

- DRUG COURT OPT-IN PACKET - revised August 2015

- RESIDENTIAL DOSA OPT-IN PACKET - revised August 2015


Participant Forms (PDFs)
Community service log with sites - Revised August 2015
- Physician letter
- Job search form
- Support group verification
- Special request form
- Application to phase up to 2 Drug Court
- Application to phase up to 3 Drug Court
- Application to graduate Drug Court

Specialty Court participant web report
- Drug Court participant report form

If you have questions about the Therapeutic Specialty Courts, please contact:
Clark County Superior Court
Shauna McCloskey
Therapeutic Specialty Courts Coordinator
(360) 397-2304

Clark County District Court
Shane Wolf
Therapeutic Specialty Courts Coordinator
(360) 397-2431

Clark County Superior Court Administrator: Jeffrey Amram
Street Address: 1200 Franklin Street, Vancouver, WA 98660
Main phone: (360) 397-2150
Speech-to-Speech Relay Service (800) 833-6384
Telebraille (800) 833-6385
TTY and Baudot (800) 6388 Responsible Elected Official: Judge James E. Rulli

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