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Community Development

Animals and pets

Report animal cruelty or nuisances

The best way to report animal cruelty or nuisances is by phone at (360) 397-2488, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Due to limited staff on weekends, officers will only respond to life threatening situations to a person or animal. Our offices are closed on all major holidays. If you have an emergency, please call 911. 

- Cruelty and nuisance violations
- Horse neglect or abuse
- Wildlife concerns - Contact the Department of Fish and Wildlife
- Online report form

Cruelty and nuisance violations

  • Inflicting pain or suffering - Intentionally or negligently causing or allowing animals to endure pain, suffering or injury, including not providing needed veterinarian care.
  • Loose dogs - "Running at large" means to be off the owner's property and not under the control of either the owner or a person authorized by the owner.
  • Neglect - Neglect or failure to provide minimum care sufficient to preserve the health and well-being of an animal within reasonable care, custody and control of the owner. This does not include emergencies or circumstances beyond the owner's control.
  • Noise - Any animal that howls, yelps, barks or makes other noises that disturbs a person or neighborhood to an unreasonable degree. Noises must be continuous for 10 or more minutes or intermittent for 30 or more minutes, except noises made by livestock on land zoned to allow livestock.

    While enforcement is possible, first consider talking to your neighbor about the problem. Another alternative is Community Mediation Services. They are often successful at resolving neighborhood nuisances without using up limited law enforcement resources.

    If those options are unsuccessful, please submit a complaint using the form below. We will contact the animal owner. If our warnings and advice do not correct the problem, civil penalties can be issued based on a noise petition or a video that includes audio of the violation.
  • Too many animals - "Kennel" means either:
    • Any premises used to conduct commercial business involving buying, selling, breeding for sale, letting for hire, boarding or training of dogs.
    • Any premises where 10 or more adult dogs are kept for any purpose, including animal shelters.
  • Vicious animals - "Vicious" means showing an unprovoked tendency to endanger the safety of people, animals or property.

Horse neglect and abuse

If you observe any of the following conditions, please contact Animal Control at (360) 397-2375 ext. 2488:

  • No dry area for horse to shelter in or stand on
  • Very little or no food and water
  • No regular caretaker visits
  • Visible hip bones and ribs
  • Questionable physical appearance of other animals on the property

Online report form

What is the address of your concern?
An exact address is required. You may also add cross streets and clear directions (i.e. N, S, E, or W of...). If we are unable find the location and you do not leave a name and phone number, the case will be closed.
What is the animal(s) owner(s), or property owner(s), name, if known?
Describe in detail your concern.
Important disclosure information:
Clark County may be required to release your name and/or information submitted in this complaint pursuant to Public Disclosure (RCW 42.56) and/or pursuant to court order.
The submittal of this public service request is subject to public disclosure according to the public records act (RCW 42.56). This means that anyone can request the release of documents containing your name and contact information. However information revealing the identity of persons who are witnesses to crimes or who file complaints with investigative agencies can be withheld from disclosure pursuant to RCW 42.56.240(2) if you believe the disclosure would endanger your life, physical safety, or property per RCW.

Select one:
Yes, it is okay to disclose my name and contact information.


No, do not disclose my name or contact information because I believe disclosure will endanger my life, physical safety, or property as in RCW 42.56.240(2).

Animal Protection and Control will keep your name and contact information anonymous, but requires this information for further correspondence with you, the reporting party.
Name (Required)
A value is required.
Address (Required)
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Phone Number (Required)
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