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Community Development

Business Building and Remodeling

Video: Fee waivers for new "job creation permits"

To help create jobs, a temporary resolution waives development building and traffic impact fees for commercial start-ups, expansions or tenant remodels. Projects became eligible for the fee waiver June 11, 2013. The program will sunset when Clark County’s unemployment rate is equal to or less than the state’s, but the Board of County Commissioners can end the program any time.
- Job Creation Resolution – 2013-06-06 (PDF)

Fee waiver report

This report shows a summary of fee waivers through January 2014.

Eligible projects

The following projects are eligible to receive a 100% waiver of application, service and traffic impact fees:

  • Non-residential developments involving:
    • Tenant improvements to existing buildings
    • Construction of new and/or additional buildings
    • Site plan approval
    • Medical treatment facilities
    • Educational facilities in the University Zoning District

Projects excluded from fee waiver

  • Businesses moving from one location to another, without increasing the number of employees
  • Hotels, motels, senior housing, and dormitories
  • Developments by any type of governmental agency, district or unit

Applicant agreement
Applicants receiving fee waivers must agree to:

  1. Obtain approval of the first required building permit inspection
    - For tenant improvements - no later than six months from permit issuance
    - For new construction - no later than nine months from completion and acceptance of site improvements
  2. Diligently pursue construction. Inspection approvals must be obtained at least every two months (or four months for buildings valued at greater than three million dollars).
  3. Report to Clark County the amount of taxable retail sales generated by the business, both one-time and ongoing. An annual report shall also be furnished to Clark County each calendar year.

Application forms and procedures



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