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Community Development
Code enforcement
Code compliance process
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Community Development

Code enforcement
Code compliance process

Code enforcement processWe believe the best approach to enforcing local codes is through voluntary compliance. We work with residents to resolve violations before enforcement actions are necessary.

The following steps are taken to resolve code violations:

  1. Complaint review - When a complaint is received it is reviewed by a code coordinator to determine if it is a violation of county code.
  2. Investigation - If the issue is a violation of county code, a code enforcement officer will visit the property to verify the problem.
  3. Property owner notification - If a violation is found, property owners will receive a letter that details the violations, necessary corrective actions, and a deadline to make the corrections.
  4. Re-inspection - The officer re-inspects the property at the end of the given time frame. If violations still exists, further enforcement will be taken.
  5. Notice and Order - If voluntary compliance is not achieved, a Notice and Order will be issued giving property owners 10 days to comply before fines begin.
  6. Appeals - Property owners may appeal a Notice and Order to a hearings examiner. If the hearings examiner affirms the Notice and Order, fines are imposed and will continue each day until the violation is corrected. Unpaid fines are recorded as a lien on the property.
  7. Legal action - When compliance cannot be reached, the case is forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney for legal action.




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  • Mediation services may be available to resolve neighborhood issues that are not violations of county code.
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