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Canines for Clean Water

Talking to neighbors about pet waste

We know that it can be difficult to talk to your neighbors about picking up after their pets. Neighbors for Clean Water has been designed to make it easy to talk to your neighbors about picking up after their pets, to connect you with other folks in your neighborhood who want to tackle the problem with you, and to make your community a safer place for your family, your pets, and the environment you live in.

We can help

A Clean Water Program staff member can meet with you to discuss the best way to confront the problem in your area, whether it be putting signs in problem spots, instituting a weekly "Pick-up Day" for your neighborhood, or setting up a public bag dispenser on the corner. We'll help connect you with others in your neighborhood who are as motivated as you are to reduce pet waste pollution, and schedule regular check-ins in case you have questions or need advice.

Email to request a meeting with a Clean Water Program staff member.

Picking up pet waste brochureResources

Resources and materials only available for residents of unincorporated Clark County. Supplies are limited.

About Neighbors for Clean Water (NCW)

NCW is a program administered by the Clark County Clean Water program, designed to make it as easy as possible for residents around Clark County to confront the problem of pet waste in their neighborhoods. The program is an extension of Clark County Canines for Clean Water, which helps people learn about the benefits of scooping the poop.




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