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Moulton Falls

Burnt Bridge Creek


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Clean water information sheets

Small Acreage Program fact sheets

The Clean Water Program co-sponsors and funds the Small Acreage Program with WSU Clark County Extension. The following information is available on the WSU website

Managing Runoff

  • Keeping Clean Water Clean and Reducing Mud: Improving Drainage
  • Keeping Clean Water Clean and Reducing Mud: Managing Roof Runoff
  • Reduce Mud and Keep Water Clean: Sacrifice Areas
  • Simple Steps to Protect Your Surface and Well Water

Wells and Septics

  • Don’t Let Your Dollar$ Go Down the Drain! Septic Tank Additives
  • Protect Your Drinking Water: Simple Tips for Well Maintenance
  • Protecting Your Inve$tment: Inspecting Your Septic System
  • Save Time and Money – Properly Landscape Your Septic System

Land Management

  • Self-Assessment Guide for Small Acreages
  • Constructing Ponds and Water Features – What Does It Take?
  • Current Use Taxation
  • Information on Small Acreage Management; A Resource List
  • Management Practices for Small Acreages: Keeping Water Clean
  • Natural Insect Control for Small Acreages
  • Small Acreage Landowner Services Directory
  • What Can You Do On Your Land – Frequently Asked Questions

Managing Manure

  • Composting Manure on Your Property

Taking care of our streams


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