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Clean water fee

The Clean Water Fee funds activities to comply with the county’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Phase I Municipal Stormwater Permit, including water quality monitoring and educating home and business owners about reducing pollution. Clean water fees also fund maintenance and enhancements to the county’s storm sewer system. The system is made up of 400 miles of pipe and 170,000 stormwater features that help keep pollution out of our streams and protect water quality in our community.

Your clean water fee

To view your clean water fee, go to the Property Information Center and enter your address or parcel number. Click on the Taxes tab, and look at the line for “Clean Water Program” under Tax Statement Items.

Update for 2015

The Board of County Commissioners conducted a public hearing on July 8, 2014 to consider changing the rates for the clean water fee. Review the video of the meeting related to clean water fee updates here. Approved language is in the County's Code 13.30A

Rates Per the Approved July 2014 Public Hearing

The clean water fee is based on the amount of impervious surface, such as pavement and roofs, on a parcel. A unit equals 3,500 square feet and is charged at a base rate depending on residency related to the Urban Growth Area.

In addition to amending the rate structure the Board of County Commissioners adopted a temporary $5 surcharge to fund a settlement for a Clean Water Act violation. This surcharge will expire in 2019.

Land Use Category Annual rate inside the Urban Growth Area Annual rate outside the Urban Growth Area
1. Single-family residential detached $47.00 / single-family residence $35.00 / single-family residence
2. Single-family residential large lots

- Single-family residence on 0.5 - 1 acres
- Single-family residence on 1 to 5 acres
- Single-family residence on 5 -20 acres
- Single-family residence on 20+ acres

Larger lots receive a fee reduction because they typically have more pervious surface, areas not covered by pavement, roofs and other hard surfaces, to soak up stormwater.



3. Multifamily residential lots $47.00 X number of residential units $47.00 X number of residential units
4. Businesses
Includes retail stores, commercial, offices, churches, hospitals, airports, public or private utility installations, public or private schools, golf courses, government structures, other public facilities, subject to RCW 90.03.525, industrial, manufacturing and railroad right-of-way, county road and street right-of-way
$47.00 X number of base units or portion thereof $35.00 X number of base units or portion thereof
5. State highway $14.10 X number of base units or portion thereof subject to RCW 90.03.525
$10.50 X number of base units or portion thereof subject to RCW 90.03.525


Payment due dates

Clean water fees are paid annually. Fees are billed on property tax statements due April 30. Fees of more than $50 can be paid in two installments, with the second payment due October 31. For more information, contact the Treasurer’s Office at (877) 778-4606.


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