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Stormwater facility maintenance

Polluted storm water runoff

Rain falling on streets, roofs and parking lots flows off these hard surfaces and picks up a number of different contaminants, including dirt, oil, fertilizers, pesticides, pet waste, litter and assorted chemicals and metals. Polluted storm water runoff often flows into storm drains and ditches and eventually to streams, lakes, rivers and wetlands.

What is a stormwater facility?

Stormwater facilities capture rain runoff through a series of features that could include inlets, basins, ponds and piping. These features exist in developed areas that include residential neighborhoods, commercial areas and industrial sites. The propoery owners are required to maintain these facilities to control stormwater runoff flow and treat water quality.

Maintenance standards

Properly designed and maintained stormwater facilities help reduce flooding, slow down water flow, reduce erosion and remove pollutants. Storm drains, pipes, and ditches must be periodically cleared so water can flow. Detention ponds, dry wells and bioswales also need to be inspected and maintained. A small amount of maintenance can prevent expensive repairs and retrofits.

Each year, county crews maintain 700 bioswales, 870 stormwater facilities, 11,400 catch basins, 1,500 dry wells, and 400 miles of storm pipe. Crews also sweep major roads and neighborhood streets to remove debris before it can wash into storm drains.

Annual inspections

Maintenance of privately-owned stormwater facilities is the responsibility of the facility owner. Owners can be homeowners assocations, individual property owners, developmers or commercial property owners.

The county inspects privately-owned facilities annually. If the inspector finds maintenance defects, you will receive a stormwater facility repair response card (PDF). The card must be completed and returned to Clark County Public Works. After receiving the completed card, a stormwater facility inspector will provide information on how to bring your stormwater facility into compliance with maintenance standards. For more information, please call Nikki Olsen at (360) 397-6118 ext. 4982.

Business technical assistance

Clark County provides support to local businesses to ensure their stormwater system is functioning properly. For more information, contact Cary Armstrong at (360) 397-2121 ext. 4392.

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