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Clean Water Commission
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Clean Water Commission

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every other month at 6:30 p.m. in the Public Service Center, sixth-floor training room, 1300 Franklin St., Vancouver. Please call (360) 397-2121 ext. 4345 to confirm meeting date and location. Additional meetings may be scheduled (refer to schedule below), as needed.

Meeting agendas, minutes, related documents and audio files >

The Clean Water Commission is a nine-member board serving in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners on issues related to the Clean Water Program. The Clean Water Commission works with staff to review the program budget in detail, implement stormwater treatment improvements, bolster water quality monitoring, and enhance public education and outreach. For more information about the commission, please email

The Clean Water Commission provided their annual report to the Board of County Commissioners on July 30, 2014. Click here to listen to the audio of the meeting.


Name Term expires
Dick Rylander, Chair 12/31/17
Gary Schaeffer, Vice-Chair 12/31/17
Jim Carlson 12/31/15
Marie LaManna 12/31/16
Rob McKinney 12/31/16
David Meyer 12/31/16
Susan Rasmussen 12/31/15
Mark Schneider 12/31/17
Virginia van Breemen 12/31/15


Meeting notes from previous years are available.  Contact the Clean Water Program at (360) 397-2121 for more information.

All meeting notes are provided in PDF format unless otherwise noted.


Date Agenda, minutes and related documents Audio files
May 6

Staff Report

Audio (MP3 ___MB)
March 4

2014 Annual Report Presentation to BOCC summary
Staff Report - CWP summary 2.4.15
Presentation - Clean Water Fee Study update
S.W.A.M.P. initiative overview
Staff report and presentation - NPDES Permit update
Appointments - Councils Task Force overview

Audio (MP3 27.4 MB)
January 7 Agenda
Staff Report - Program update
Audio (MP3 28.7 MB)



Date Agenda, minutes and related documents Audio files
December 3 Agenda
Staff Report - Program update
Audio (MP3 25.6 MB)
November 5 Agenda
Staff Report - Clean Water Commissioner Responsibilities
Audio (MP3 14.3 MB)
October 1

Staff report - Clean Water Program Summary 9-17-14
Task Force Meeting Summary Notes (September 2014)

Audio (MP3 36 MB)
September 3

Staff report - Regional SWAMP
Findings report - 2014 Clean Water Program Increase

Audio (MP3 26.7 MB)
August 6

Addendum to CWC Annual Report

Audio (MP3 27 MB)
July 2

Staff Report - 2014 CWC By-laws
Staff Report - CWC SWAMP
Vancouver Public Schools - Green Sustainability Award video (segment 1:00-4:33)


Audio (MP3 27.7 MB)
May 7

Clean Water Fee presentation
Clean Water Fee Reduction to Public Schools (preliminary)

Audio (MP3 15MB)
*Note - due to technical difficulties the first 15 minutes of the audio are not available

April 2

Clean Water Fee presentation
School Fee Waiver presentation

Audio (MP3 28MB)
March 5 Minutes Audio (MP3 30MB)
January 8 Minutes
Staff Report - Five Star Grant
Staff Report - Section 319 Grant
Audio (MP3 39MB)


Date Agenda, minutes and related documents Audio files
November 6 Minutes Audio (MP3 37MB)
September 4 Minutes Audio (MP3 22MB)
July 10 Minutes  
May 13 Minutes  
March 13 Minutes  
January 13 Minutes  


Date Minutes
December 5 Minutes
November 7 Minutes
October 3 Minutes
September 5 Minutes
August 1 Minutes
July 11 Minutes
June 5 Minutes
May 2 Minutes
April 4 Minutes
March 7 Minutes
February 1 Minutes
January 4 Minutes

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