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Moulton Falls

Burnt Bridge Creek


Clean water projects

The Clean Water Program develops new stormwater facilities and designs and implements updates to older facilities that collect and treat polluted storm runoff. These projects control stormwater flows and help:

  • Reduce pollution in our water runoff.
  • Improve water quality treatment.
  • Reduce stream erosion and protect river habitat.
  • Keep our waterways safe for recreation and other uses.

Projects vary in scope and size, but may include installing rain gardens or wetlands for improved water quality treatment, expanding water storage, modifying inlets and outlets, and repairing or replacing aging facilities. Projects are funded by clean water fees and state and federal grants.

Project map

View Clark County stormwater projects on a larger map

Active project

Thomas Wetlands East

Clark County Public Works and Environmental Services will expand and reconfigure an existing storm water facility to better manage polluted storm water runoff from roads, roofs and other surfaces in the East Minnehaha neighborhood just east of DC Fisher Neighborhood Park. The project will expand and reconfigure the existing stormwater wetlands to improve water quality treatment and reduce high flows from rainstorms into the Lower Burnt Bridge Creek subwatershed.

Construction should begin in July 2014, weather and contracting permitting.  The majority of construction should be complete within several months.  Access to the construction site will be limited for safety purposes.

Construction will be followed by planting more than 7,000 native plants over the winter months that will improve the appearance of the area as well as provide habitat, including 2-foot tall trees (half deciduous and half conifers), shrubs, rushes and sedges.

A maintenance road will provide pedestrian access as part of a trail system to allow neighbors to visit the site and make additional connections to the neighborhood park.

View the project Head's Up flier for more information.

Whipple Creek Watershed Plan

Clark County will be developing a watershed-scale plan in 2014-2016 for the Whipple Creek watershed. More >>

Completed projects

Name Cost Type
Parkside Manor $960,000 Stormwater retrofit
Name Cost Type
Heritage Meadows Subdivision $300,000 Stormwater retrofit
Mount Vista Subdivision $551,000 Stormwater retrofit
Padden-Andresen Stormwater Facility $1,320,000 Stormwater retrofit

Sunset Glen / Drasler Place

$130,000 Stormwater retrofit
Name Cost Type
Buena Vista Subdivision $420,000 Stormwater facility retrofit
Grassland Meadows Subdivision $270,000 Stormwater facility retrofit
NE 149th Street Rock Storage Facility $210,000 Rain garden
SR 503/Fred Meyer $280,000 Stormwater facility
Sherwood 6 $180,000 Stormwater facility, Outfall repair
Upper Whipple Creek $825,000 Stream restoration
Whipple Creek interpretive sign
Name Cost Type
NE 99 Street Green Infrastructure   Rain Gardens
Carrie Otter Wetlands $650,000 Restoration
Encore Facility $1,005,000 Stormwater facility retrofit
Lakeshore / NW 99th Street $150,000 Rain Garden
Name Cost Type
Curtin Creek $3,690,000 Floodplain enhancement, restoration.
Curtin Creek interpretive sign


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