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What you can do for clean water


We all live in a watershed, so every time someone learns about "clean water habits" and changes the way they do things, it helps improve our community’s surface water resources (like our creeks, streams and rivers). Every time we prevent pollution in the first place, it saves money and effort. That's why educational and volunteer programs play such an important role in the Clean Water Program.

The Clean Water Division promotes educational partnerships with local groups and agencies, such as the City of Vancouver and Washington State University Extension, to increase public awareness, encourage environmental stewardship to keep dirt and other pollutants out of waterways.

The program also works with individuals, schools, businesses and property owners about how we all can do our part to protect Clark County's water resources for future generations. Remember, "we all live downstream."

Learn why stormwater is important to our creeks, streams, rivers and lakes

There are lots of great events for citizens to learn about stormwater in our community. One series is the new "Experience Vancouver Lake." Visit the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership to learn about upcoming events. Other events can be found on the Green Neighbors community calendar.

Home projects for clean water:

Community efforts:

  • Build bat box houses for stormwater - Work with your community group to build bat box houses for county natural area properties and stormwater facilities to attract bats.  There are several types of houses to build, including a multi-chambered house.
  • Canines for Clean Water - Take the pledge to clean up your pet's waste!
  • River-friendly Car Wash - If you are hosting a fundraising car wash, consider using a River-friendly car wash kit to keep soapy, dirty water out of the storm drains. Call us to see if your site is right for using the kit or e-mail our staff.
  • Storm drain stenciling - A fun and easy volunteer program to help educate our community about water quality protection.

Schools and Student projects:

Business projects:

  • Dumpster maintenance - brochure/poster to use in your business to remind staff to cover, clean, close and contain your dumpster area.
  • Spill Kit Program - Help protect your business from costly clean-up while protecting your employees and customers. Learn why you should have a spill prevention plan, spill clean-up kit and how to clean up a spill when it does happen.
  • Landscaping businesses - key tips to minimize pollution to the storm drain system.
  • Carpet cleaning businesses - brochure with tips and reminders to minimize pollution to the storm drain system. The Department of Ecology has a fact sheet.
  • Surface cleaning businesses - businesses that specialize in cleaning outdoor surfaces can help protect the storm drains from pollution.
  • Stormwater inlet and facility maintenance - businesses are required to maintain their stormwater features including cleaning and repairing, as needed. Other Washington jurisdictions have prepared videos and tools to illustrate some of the solutions to facility maintenance. For specific Clark County regulations, contact our staff.

Property managers, business owners and HOAs - Visit the Stormwater Partners of SW Washington for helpful videos, checklists and information on managing stormwater runoff and stormwater facilities. Also visit some of the links under the Business section as they may apply to your property, including dumpster maintenance and spill kit program.


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