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78th St. Heritage Farm
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78th St. Heritage Farm

Program results - 2013

Thanks to our incredible volunteers and program participants, approximately 59,749 pounds of produce were donated this season to the Clark County Food Bank and other local agencies.

4-H Restorative Justice Community Service Food Bank Garden

  • Participants: 77 youth and 9 adults
  • Acres: ¬†1 acre in raised garden beds
  • Donation: ¬†1,000 pounds of produce to the Clark County Food Banks
  • Improvements: Composting on their own and sharing with community gardens. Drip irrigation & spot overhead watering.

Clark County Food Bank

  • Volunteers: 1055 and 3,182 volunteer hours
  • Acres: 10, not all acres utilized this year
  • Donation:¬†Churches in Partnership (CIP) donated 25,572 lbs and Clark County Food Bank donated 26,177 lbs of produce
  • Improvements: 3 fields have drip irrigation, carrot field is overhead irrigation, moving to total drip irrigation in 2015, no composting

PIC - Partners in Careers - Roots to Road Program

  • Participants: 3 and 1 Program Assistant
  • Acres: 1-2
  • Donation: 7,000 pounds of produce to the Clark County Food Bank, CDM Services and Share
  • Improvements: Overhead irrigation system & using county provided compost bins

Small Acreage Program

  • Volunteers: 6 Small acreage expo - approx. 96 participants, Apple Festive - approx. 278 participants
  • Acres: 1

Clark College Program

  • News:
    • Participants: 100 students of Environmental Services and Biology studied permaculture at the Terrace Garden and learned about cover cropping at the blueberries
    • Students worked on the farm and the Clark College greenhouse to help propagate plants, to plant at the farm.

Heritage Farm Programs:

  1. Heritage Farm Food Forest
    • Participants: 40 plus 35 volunteers
    • Acres: .5
    • Donations: No food was harvested or distributed
    • Improvements: Weed control expanded along perimeter of garden, overhead irrigation and pile composting
  2. Heritage Farm Community Garden
    • Participants: 84 plots filled and 7 volunteers
    • Fees: $60.00 a year and season is March to March
    • Education: 2 classes provided to gardners
    • Improvements: Composting in large concrete bins



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