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Civil service process

Civil Service Commission

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

The Sheriff's Office differs from other County departments in that it is governed by the Revised Code of Washington, 41.14, Civil Service for Sheriff's Office. Civil Service requires additional components of the recruitment process to include:

Civil Service Eligibility List

Candidates who successfully pass the written/practical exams and the oral board interview will be ranked according to final scores, placed on an eligibility list, and the list will be certified by the Clark County Civil Service Commission.

Veteran's Preference

Veteran's Preference will be granted to qualified candidates per RCW 41.04.005 who will receive either 5% or 10% added to their final score (prior to list ranking) in accordance with RCW 41.04.010 and 73.16.010, for all Sheriff's Office positions. To claim Veteran's Preference, candidates must attach a DD214 military discharge form to their application.

Background Interview / Investigation

A comprehensive investigation based on information provided by candidates' Personal History Statements, from high school years forward is conducted by the Clark County Sheriff's Office.

Final Interview

The top three candidates, who have successfully passed all phases of the recruitment process, are then considered for employment.

Post Offer Process

Depending on the position you are applying for, the post offer process can involve the following: Polygraph Examination, Drug Screen, Medical Examination, Physical Agility, and Psychological Examination.

NOTE: A polygraph examination is conducted as a part of the interview process with the background investigator.

Clark County Sheriff's Office Employment Qualifications

You cannot be a Clark County Deputy Sheriff, Corrections Deputy, or Support Staff Employee if:

  • You cannot obtain a valid Washington State driver’s license.
  • You do not have a high school diploma or GED.
  • You will not be 21 years old at time of hire. (CJTC requirement)
  • You are not a U.S. citizen. (RCW requirement)
  • You have been convicted of D.U.I. within the last 3 years or have two or more D.U.I. convictions. A diversion or similar action is a conviction.
  • You have been convicted of Reckless Driving or Attempting to Elude within the last three years.
  • You have been convicted of any act of domestic violence assault.
  • You have been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Services. (Civil Service Rules 7.07h)
  • You have been convicted of a felony. (RCW Chapter 9.96.a)

You may not be hired as a Clark County Deputy Sheriff, Corrections Deputy, or Support Staff Employee if:

  • Your traffic record shows a continuing and recent pattern of poor decision making.
  • You have been convicted of driving while suspended or revoked within the last three years.
  • You have been convicted of any crime involving controlled substances.
  • You have been convicted of a misdemeanor within the last three years.
  • You have used any illegal substances other than marijuana within the last three years or you have used marijuana within the last 12 months prior to applying.
  • You have ever used any hallucinogenic drug.
  • Your personal life shows a history of poor judgment and refusal to confront problems (Examples: Non-payment of child support, ignoring overdue bills, etc).
  • You have recently or are currently misrepresenting yourself or ignoring any laws. (Examples: Not paying taxes, using a false address for school tuition purposes, etc).
  • You have provided controlled substances to others or have been involved in long term criminal activity.
  • Your work history shows a pattern of unexcused absences, discipline, or discharge. (Civil Service Rules 7.07d)
  • People who know you have doubts about your honesty, integrity, or character.
  • You are not available and willing to work any shift

What are the different kinds of application status?

Application status definitions are as follows: (Please note, not all of these will apply to every recruitment.)

  • Failed Background: You did not pass the Background portion of this recruitment.
  • Failed Oral Interview: You did not pass the Oral Interview portion of this recruitment. 
  • Failed Post Offer Process: You did not pass one of the Post Offer Processes of this recruitment.
  • Failed Practical Exam: You did not pass a practical exam portion of this recruitment.
  • Failed Rule of 3: You did not pass the Rule of 3 for this recruitment.
  • Passed Over: You were not selected for employment but will still be considered for this Eligibility Pool.  
  • Passed Over - Rule of 3 & Removed: You were passed over during the Rule of 3 and are being removed from the Eligibility List.
  • Passed Over - Rule of 3: You were passed over during the Rule of 3 but will still be considered for this Eligibility Pool.
  • Pending - On Active Eligibility List: Your application will still be considered as you remain on the Eligibility List.
  • Rule of 3 Deferred: You have requested to defer your certification from the rule of 3 interview until the next vacancy occurs.
  • Time on Eligibility List Expired: Your time on the eligibility list has expired and you will no longer be considered.

Clark County is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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