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Deferred Disposition

Spring on the Front Walk
Spring on the Front Walk

Contact: Tim Oberheide, (360) 397-2201 ext. 4030

The law is specific on who can be offered a Deferred Disposition based on harms done to victims, risk to the community and criminal history. Under this sentencing option, youth who have committed a crime may be sentenced to 12-months of supervision in the community. The court order includes conditions such as paying restitution, attending school, and performing restorative community service. If the youth complies with these conditions and does not commit a new crime while under supervision, the charge is dismissed and there is no criminal history.

Excluded from this program are youth who:

  • Commit a sex or violent offense
  • Have criminal history that includes any felony
  • Have had a prior deferred disposition
  • Have had two or more adjudications

    Restitution Brochure

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Clark County Juvenile Court Administrator: Pat Escamilla
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Responsible Elected Official: Presiding Judge Barbara D. Johnson

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