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Ryan Bjornsgaard

Ryan Bjornsgaard


Contact: Tim Oberheide (360) 397-2201 ext.4030

Diversion is an alternative to prosecution that is offered to youth who have committed a first time offense, or a relatively minor offense. Benefits to the offender include the opportunity to take responsibility for their offense and to make amends for the harms done, without going through a court process.

Generally diversion is a one-time opportunity for a youth. To be eligible for diversion the offender must acknowledge responsibility for the offense and agree to fulfill a number of requirements focused on accountability to victims; the community and prevention of repeat offenses.

Diversion Contracts include such terms as restitution, payment of fees/fines, restorative community service hours, appropriate skills classes or treatment and counseling sessions. 

Restitution Brochure

Community Accountability Boards (CAB's)

Contact: Kevin Memsic (360) 397-2201 ext. 5110

The CAB's are a diversion option that use members of the local community as a community resource for responding effectively to juvenile offenders. Clark County has Community Accountability Boards drawn from different geographical areas in the county. This allows community members to work with youth from their local area. Each CAB includes a variety of representatives from the community, such as a teacher or school administrator, a high school student, a parent and a business owner. CAB's also seek to represent the diversity of the local community.

Through the CAB process, people from the youth's community can impress upon the youth the connection between the youth's behavior and its effects on the youth and others in the community. The process can also provide the offender with the opportunity to make amends in ways that connect the youth positively with their community.

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