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Recovery Vision

Annual Visions of Recovery Poster Contest

Each year the Clark County Regional Support Network hosts the Visions of Recovery Poster Contest.  Open to anyone who lives or works in Southwest Washington, the contest seeks artwork from people of all ages and skill levels that helps reduce the stigma associated with mental health and substance use issues and educates the public that people can and do recover from mental illness and addiction.

The 2012 contest is now underway!

All entries will be available to view online within the next few weeks..

Reproductions of the 5 winning entries will be available free of charge by contacting Melanie Green at
(360) 397-2130 or

View all 29 posters entered in 2011

Vision of recovery in Clark County

During the past several years, we have witnessed a movement in the mental health system directed toward helping people living with mental illness beyond stabilization and on to full recovery. The CCRSN has taken significant steps in responding to this movement. With the adoption of the following Vision of Recovery by the Clark County Mental Health Advisory Board, the CCRSN developed policies and procedures requiring all provider agencies to provide a full range of continuum of crisis, outpatient, residential and inpatient services, designed from a recovery- oriented perspective.

Recovery vision statement

"Recovery requires recognition by everyone of each person's unlimited potential. It compassionately encourages self-determination, through respect, support, meaningful choices and understanding. Recovery is maintained and achieved through a continuum of connected, relevant supportive, individualized services and is reflected in all related language."

Principles and values for recovery

The Recovery Vision Stakeholders Workgroup established the following principles and values for recovery:

  • All people function on a continuum of wellness and move back and forth on that continuum.
  • Our expectation is that all people will return to a higher place on that continuum.
  • Mental illness is an event on that continuum. It does not define the person.
  • We recognize and value each individual's human experience.
  • The person receiving the services controls the recovery process.
  • The mental health system and the person receiving services are a part of the entire community, not a segregated entity. Services offered should be integrated with the community at large.
  • The mental health system shall recognize the various life domains of each person. Services delivered will connect the individual with the community to enrich each of these life domains. This connection moves the individual higher on the wellness continuum.

Recovery Vision Statement - (PDF - 29K)
The Clark County Regional Support Network adopted the recovery vision as policy in 2001.


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