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Neighborhood Association Directory

Image of map showing location of the neighborhood associations

1. Andresen/St. Johns Neighborhood Association

Neil Chambers, contact
6204 NE 67th Street
Vancouver WA 98661
(360) 699-5119
North: I-205
East: Andresen Rd.
South: Minnehaha St.
West: St. Johns Rd. to intersection with 50th Ave. to intersection with I-205.

2. Daybreak Neighborhood Association

North: JA Moore Rd., 284th St., 72nd Ave., 279th St., Charter Oak, 117th Ave., 274th St.
East: 503
South: 239th St., 112th Ave., 244th St.
West: 50th Ave.

3. East Fork Frontier Neighborhood Association

Sandra S. Bennett, interim president
30306 NE 29th Ave.,
La Center, WA 98629
(360) 263-3336
North: La Center City boundary and NE Lockwood Creek Road.
East: 72nd Ave. to Morcroft Road.
South: NE 289th St. to JA Moore Road to NE 284th St.
West: La Center Road at La Center Bridge, East Fork of Lewis River.

4. East Fork Hills Rural Association

Val Alexander, president
2404 NW Coyote Ridge Rd.
La Center, WA 98629
(360) 263-2521
Boundaries: NW 389th St. / Jenny Creek Rd. / Bolen Rd. / Old Pacific Hwy.

5. East Minnehaha Neighborhood Association

Lynda Maguire, president
PO Box 2381
Vancouver, WA 98668
(360) 635-2409
North: Minnehaha St. and 63rd St.
East: I-205
South: 51st and 52nd streets to NE 65th Ave., and Vancouver city boundary to I-205
West: St. Johns Rd.

6. Enterprise/Paradise Point Neighborhood Association

VaNessa Duplessie, President
33502 Norstar Ranch Rd.
Ridgefield, WA 98642
(360) 887-9070
Boundaries: East Fork of Lewis River / NE Timmen Rd. / 289th St. / Burlington Northern R.R.

7. Fairgrounds Neighborhood Association

Bridget Schwarz, President
2110 NW 179th Street
Ridgefield, WA 98642
(360) 573-5873
North: 219th St.
East: 72nd Ave.
South: 151st St. to NW 41st Ave. to 164th St. to I-5 to Klineline Rd. to 119th St. to Salmon Creek Ave. to Salmon Creek St. to Salmon Creek to NE 72nd Ave.
West: Lake River.

8. Felida Neighborhood Association

Dr. Milada Allen, president
P.O. Box 61552
Vancouver, WA 98666
(360) 573-4030
North: Salmon Creek
East: I-5
South: NW 105th St.
West: Lake River

9. Fern Prairie Neighborhood Association-Inactive

North: NE Goodwin Rd., NE 28th St. to intersection of NE 242nd Ave., NE 44th St. and continue East on 44th St. alignment to NE 292nd Ave.
East: NE 292nd Ave., NE Reilly Rd., SE Blair Rd. to SE Washougal River Rd.
South: Camas and Washougal boundaries.
Note: The neighborhood association will include Lacamas Lake and county property surrounding the lake that isn’t within the city boundary.

10. Fisher-Mill Plain Neighborhood Association

North: 27th St.
East: 202nd Ave.
South: Vancouver city boundary (SE 1 St.)
West: 170th Ave.

11. Greater Brush Prairie Neighborhood Association

Rob Pearson, president
158001 NE 180th Street
Brush Prairie, WA 98606
(360) 666-2756
North: NE 159th St., NE 156th St., Salmon Creek to SR-503, SR-503 north to Battle Ground city boundary, Battle Ground city boundary to NE 199th St., NE 187th Ave., NE 219th St.
East: NE 212th Ave.
South: NE 119th St., SR-503, NE 99th St., NE 96th St.
West: NE 72nd Ave.

12. Green Meadows Neighborhood Association

Dave Socolofsky, contact
6913 NE 75th Avenue
Vancouver WA 98662
(360) 256-6561
Boundaries: 78th St. / I-205 / 63rd St. / NE Andresen

13. Heritage Neighborhood Association

Christie BrownSilva
13504 NE 84th Street
Suite 103-141
Vancouver, WA 98682
(360) 326-4353
North: NE 99th St., NE 167th Ave., NE 96th St.
East: NE 182nd Ave., Fourth Plain Rd., NE 162nd Ave.
South: City boundary (Burnt Bridge Creek) Fourth Plain
West: Ward Rd., NE 152nd Ave.

14. Maple Tree Neighborhood Association

Kathy Neary, Contact
10203 NE 75th St.
Vancouver, WA 98662
(360) 892-5240
North: NE 76th St.
East: SR-503
South: Vancouver City boundary
West: I-205

15. Meadow Glade Neighborhood Association

Terry Smith, President
18210 NE Cramer Road
Battle Ground, WA 98604
(360) 687-5380
Boundaries: NE 199th St. / SR 503 / Salmon Creek to 156th St., 159th St. / 72nd Ave.

16. NE Hazel Dell Neighborhood Association

Laurel Collins, vice president
2312 NE 94th Street
Vancouver, WA 98665
(360) 314-4771
E-mail Laurel Collins:
E-mail Doug Ballou:
Boundaries: 104th St. / 50th Ave, St. Johns Rd. / Vancouver city boundary / Hazel Dell Ave.

17. North Fork Lewis Neighborhood Association-Inactive

David Peterson, president
C/o Paul Sorenson
PO Box 2121
Woodland, WA 98674
(360) 263-5353
North: North Fork Lewis River.
East: NE 21st Ave., to Cedar Creek Rd., to NE Etna Rd.
South: NW 389th St.
West: North Fork Lewis River to NW 389th St.

18. North Salmon Creek Neighborhood Association

North Salmon Creek Neighborhood Council divides administrative duties
Jennifer Hickel, President (503) 960-8904
or Ann Foster, Council member (360) 524-2624
800 NE Tenney Rd. PMB 110-329
Vancouver, WA 98685
North: NW 163rd St.
East: I-5
South: Salmon Creek
West: NW 41st Ave.

19. Pleasant Highlands Neighborhood Association

Stephan B. Abramson, Ph.D.
4211 NE 131st Street
Vancouver, WA 98686
(360) 574-3363
North: Salmon Creek St. to 50th Ave. to Salmon Creek (the creek) to 72nd Ave.
East: 72nd Ave.
South: 119th St.
West: 38th Ave. to 131st St. to Salmon Creek Ave.

20. Proebstel Neighborhood Association-Inactive

Wendy Garrett - inactive
PO Box 821471
Vancouver, WA 98682
(360) 253-9659
North: 164th St. to Skamania
East: Skamania County
South: NE Goodwin, 242nd Ave., 44th St. to 292nd Ave., 28th St., (including both sides of Stauffer Road) to Skamania County.
West: Friberg Strunk St., 28th St., Lacamas Creek, Fourth Plain, 182nd Ave., 95th St., 212th Ave.

21. Ramblin' Creek Estates/South Salmon Creek Ave. Neighborhood Association

Boundaries: Salmon Creek Bridge at Corbin & Salmon Creek Ave./ 119th St. / BPA power lines / Salmon Creek

22. Ridgefield Junction Neighborhood Association

Marc Krsul
PO Box 311
Ridgefield, WA 98642
(360) 887-5384
North: 289th St. to East Fork Lewis River to La Center city boundary then continue on 319th St.
East: East Fork Lewis River to JA Moore Road to NE 50th Ave.
South: NE 219th St.
West: (Ridgefield city boundary before 1998 Annexation), Lake River, NW 239th St., Royle Road, 37th Ave. (Ridgefield city boundary), 20th St. (Ridgefield city boundary), 51st Ave. (Ridgefield city boundary) to 10th St. and Gee Creek, to SR 501, north on 18th Ave., west on 2nd St. and north on 13th Ave. (Ridgefield city boundary before annexation.)

23. Roads End Neighborhood Association

Barbara Murray, vice president
5513 NE 40th Street
Vancouver WA 98661
(360) 694-1689
Boundaries: 49th St. / SR-500 / 54th Ave. / 66th Ave.

24. Sherwood Hills Neighborhood Association

Vicki Fitzsimmons
2801 NE 119th Street
Vancouver, WA 98686
(360) 573-6604
Boundaries: NE 119th St. / NE 50th Ave. / NE 104th St. / I-5

25. Sifton Neighborhood Association

Christie BrownSilva, President
13504 NE 84th Street
Suite 103-141
Vancouver, WA 98682
(360) 326-4353
North: NE 99th Street
East: NE 152nd Avenue from NE 99th Street south of NE 76th Street and east to Ward Road
South: Fourth Plain
West: SR 503 (117th Ave.)

26. Sunnyside Neighborhood Association

Judy Bumbarger-Enright, president
10301 NE 85th Court
Vancouver, WA 98662
(360) 699-2050
North: 119th St.
East: SR 503 (117th Ave.)
South: NE 78th St. from Andresen Rd. to I-205, NE 76th St. East of I-205
West: NE 50th Ave. to I-205 to Andresen Rd.

27. Truman Neighborhood Association

Barb Cabe
4513 NE 48th Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98661
(360) 695-7430
North: 52nd St. (between St. Johns Blvd. and 40th Ave.), 51st St. (between 40th Ave. and 54th Ave.)
East: 54th Ave. (between SR 500 and 47th St.), 56th Ave. (between 47th St. and 51st St.)
South: SR 500
West: St. Johns Blvd.

28. Washougal River Neighborhood Association

Brendan Addis
512 NE 302nd Avenue
Washougal WA 98671
(360) 567-7921
North: Intersection of NE 292nd Ave. and Stauffer Rd. then due east aligned with 28th St. to Skamania County
East: Skamania County
South: Columbia River, Camas/Washougal boundary
West: SE Washougal River Rd., SE Blair Rd., Reilly Rd.

29. West Hazel Dell Neighborhood Association

Ila Stanek
500 NW Wildwood
Vancouver, WA 98665
(360) 573-7376
County Liaison: Rob Klug, Clark County Public Works Transportation (360) 397-6118 ext. 4356
North: 104th St., 11th Ave., 99th St.
East: Hazel Dell Ave.
South: Vancouver city boundary
West: Vancouver city boundary

Neighborhood Associations Council of Clark County (NACCC)

Doug Ballou, Chair
3109 NE 96th Street
Vancouver WA 98665
(360) 573-3314

Art Stubbs, Vice Chair
6804 NE 86th Court
Vancouver WA 98662
(360) 882-1104

County Liaison: Holly Gaya (360) 397-6012 ext. 2

Neighborhood Association roster showing Sheriff liaisons (PDF)

Names and contact information provided on this roster not intended for use by solicitors.

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Neighborhood Outreach Program Coordinator: Holly Gaya
Street Address: 1300 Franklin Street, 6th Floor, PO Box 5000, Vancouver, WA 98666-5000
Main phone: (360) 397-6012 ext. 2 | FAX: (360) 397-6015
Responsible Elected Official: Board of County Councilors

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