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County Auditor's Office releases audit report of Equipment (Fleet) Services

Light vehicles in the fleet are being replaced earlier than needed


Greg Kimsey, Auditor
Phone: (360) 397-2078

Tom Nosack, Audit Services
Phone: (360) 397-2310x4689

Vancouver, WA — The County manages a fleet of nearly 400 light vehicles that support all aspects of countywide government services. The Auditor’s office performance audit of this activity was designed to examine how the county makes decisions about when and if to replace vehicles, how the replacements are purchased, and the process to dispose of end-of-life vehicles.

The audit found that the replacement criteria were inconsistent and that the county lacked a clear, definitive process to replace them in the most cost effective manner. As a result, vehicles were consistently being replaced earlier than necessary, and the vehicles used for replacement were not necessarily the best match for the need. The county has no sub-compact and very few compact vehicles in the fleet.

Once a decision to replace a vehicle had been made, the processes to buy a replacement and to dispose of the old vehicle were well defined and functioned as intended. Despite the early replacement issue, the county had made progress in adopting improved practices since the past audit, conducted in 2004.

County Auditor Greg Kimsey stated: “This audit will help managers make changes to provide better value and use scarce resources more effectively.”

The full report can be viewed at or obtained by calling (360) 397-2310.

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