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Mailing the Second Half 2013 Property Tax Statements


Steve Dahlberg, Treasurer
Phone: (360) 397-2252 ext. 4462
Fax: (360) 397-6042

Doug Lasher, Clark County Treasurer, announced that second-half 2013 property tax statements have been mailed. Property tax statements include property tax levy amounts, special assessments, and certain fees. There were 64,788 statements mailed. ďTaxpayers whose statements are not paid through a mortgage company and have not received their statement within ten days should visit our web site at or call the Treasurerís Office at (360) 397-2252.Ē Taxpayers are responsible for paying their second-half property taxes by Thursday, October 31, in order to avoid interest and penalties.Ē

The Treasurerís Office is located on the second floor of the Public Service Center, which is one block north of the Clark County Court House. The address is 1300 Franklin Street. Taxpayers are encouraged to use the return envelope to mail in their payment, which will help to reduce the cost of processing tax payments. In addition, if a taxpayer has moved within the past six months, the Treasurerís Office needs to be notified because it does not receive address changes made through the post office.

Taxpayers may pay their property taxes on-line using a credit card or from their checking/savings account. While credit card payments are assessed a 2.39% convenience, the checking/savings method is only $1 per transaction. To make a payment, go to or by phone call 1-877-778-4606.

The Clark County Treasurerís Office now offers a free, easy-to-use program for taxpayers to receive their property tax statements electronically. Sign up for free using an authorized third-party vendor at Once enrolled, taxpayers can also pay their property taxes by electronic direct debit from their checking account at no charge.

Taxpayers should note that First Independent Bank, which is now Sterling Bank, does NOT accept property tax payments. Please review payment options in the pamphlet mailed with the property tax statements or look on the Treasurerís website at

Before mailing delinquent taxes or assessments, taxpayers should check on the Treasurerís website or call the Treasurerís Office at (360) 397-2252 to determine the correct amount to pay.

If mailing a payment, it should be mailed to the Clark County Treasurer, PO Box 9808, Vancouver, Washington 98666-8808. Second-half tax payments must be postmarked on or before by Thursday, October 31, 2013, to avoid interest charges

Senior citizens who qualify for the Senior Citizensí Exemption on property taxes should call the Clark County Assessorís Office at 397-2391 if they are not already participating in the program or if their income has substantially changed. Qualified persons are entitled to a property tax exemption for 2013 if they own, are buying, or have a life estate in the property (lease-for-life) and occupy the home for more than six months each year, are 61 years of age or older, or retired from regular gainful employment due to physical disability on or before December 31 of the filing year, and have an annual income of $35,000 or less. If not currently on the program, payment should still be made as reflected on the property account statement. An adjustment will be made if the applicant qualifies for the program.

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