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County road crews to continue storm response for Monday commute


Jeff Mize, Public Works
Phone: (360) 600-4645

Vancouver, WA – Clark County will continue its overnight storm response to prepare roads for Monday’s morning commute.

Warmer temperatures are slowly beginning to scour out freezing weather, leading to variable conditions in different parts of the county.

In sections of north Clark County, temperatures are warmer and some roads have bare pavement. In these areas, Clark County Public Works is adjusting the number of crews and pieces of equipment out plowing and sanding.

In other areas, such as along the Interstate 5 corridor and in much of south Clark County, many roads continue to have packed snow and ice. These conditions require a continuing full response from crews that have worked 12-hour shifts to provide around-the-clock coverage since snow started falling last Thursday morning.

Although conditions allowed the county to throttle down its response in some areas Sunday afternoon, the county will have a full shift out beginning at 1:30 a.m. Monday, several hours before the start of the morning commute.

Commuters should plan ahead for slower traffic speeds and longer travel times. Many primary arterials should be in good shape, but there may be packed snow and ice on residential streets. In addition, slushy roads can be slick, and drivers should slow down and allow plenty of room for stopping and turning.

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