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Community Planning
Employment Zones Streamlining Project
Task force
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Transportation planning

Employment Zones Streamlining Project

Task Force

The Employment Zones Task Force is responsible for:

  1. Reviewing models that have been used in comparable counties to simplify codes and zones to ensure more flexibility, the guiding purpose being to diversify and enhance business retention and expansion in Clark County.
  2. Assessing the suitable mix of employment zones that foster economic development growth and high-paying jobs in Clark County.
  3. Evaluating the appropriateness of the purpose statements and uses in employment land CCC Section 40.230.030(A) (zones OC, BP), CCC Section 40.230.080(A) (zones ML, MH & IR), and in the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan.
  4. Inventorying existing employment zones, properties, and constraints which impede jobs-producing development. Gathering information regarding size, access, and compatibility with other uses.
  5. Re-assessing development standards. Creating and recommending standards that would not burden the County's ability to promote business vitality and economic well-being.
  6. Developing recommendations by December 2011 that will serve as a revised employment zone(s) for Clark County. The goal of these recommendations will be to structure the zone(s) in a manner that enhances development while safeguarding manufacturing areas in our community.

Employment Zones Task Force philosphophy (PDF)

Agenda, notes and handouts

Agenda Notes Handouts
6/27/12 Memorialization and Powerpoint presentation

Guiding Philosophy

Employment Zones Streamlining Task Force Recommended Use Table

Draft Table 40.320.010-1 Landscaping Standards

Industrial Development Standards

Industrial Code Changes

OC and BP Code Changes


Draft 40.230.085 Employment Districts

Draft Table 40.320.010-1 Landscape Standards

Draft Recommended Employment Code Changes

04/10/12 04/10/12

Guiding Philosophy and Preamble

1997 NAICS Version Employment Code

2012 NAICS Version Employment Code

Zone Changes: ML, MH, IR

Zone Changes: OC & BP

OC/BP Development Standards

Industrial Development Standards

Landscaping Standards

10/17/11 10/17/11 Draft EZ Code
09/19/11 09/19/11 Draft EZ Code
07/18/11 07/18/11

Clackamas County business park
Clackamas County campus industrial
Clackamas County general industrial
Clackamas County light industrial
Clackamas County Non-SF_Zoning Districts

Spokane County Industrial Code

Employment District's Staff Attempt

Clark County Combined Zones

Clark County Combined showing 2-digits

Clark County Combined showing 3-digits

06/20/11 06/20/11

Overview of Industrial codes

NAICS Comparison

05/16/11 05/16/11

Comparison of Employment Lands

Vacant Buildable Lands Model by Employment Zoning

Comparison Report of Jobs

04/18/11 04/18/11

Task Force Work Program


Scott Firstenburg
Bill Huyette
Todd Johnson
Jerry Olson
Kathy Sego
Stacey Smith
Jon Yamashita



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