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Transportation planning

Rural Lands Review
Task Force

History of project

Current rural land zoning in the county was established in 1994 with the adoption of the county's first comprehensive plan under the Growth Management Act (GMA). The county has completed two comprehensive plan updates since then (2004 and 2007), but their focus has been on urban areas and how to accommodate projected growth. After completion of the 2007 update, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) directed a review of rural lands.

Task force work process and documents

A Rural Lands Task Force (RLTF) formed in May 2008. Their mission was to develop a rural vision of the county and to define what the GMA calls "rural character".  The RLTF completed their work during meetings in June and July and a Handout of their recommendations was presented to the public at the Clark County Fair in August 2008. The public comments received during the fair were presented to the BOCC in September 2008.

The BOCC held work sessions on February 18, March 17, and March 24, 2009, at which they developed a set of Rural Principles and Values.

The RLTF recommendations were reviewed by the BOCC in a Work Session presentation on February 3rd, 2010.

The Task Force Recommendations Report was presented to the BOCC in March 2010.

A Rural Lands Work Program was prepared at a Board of County Commissioners work session in April 2010, and reviewed by the Planning Commission in June of 2010.

Two open houses to review all of the RLTF recommendations were held in October 2010.

The Planning Commission reviewed the Rural Lands Task Force recommendations in January 2011.

The current phase of the Rural Lands Review was to initiate the Rural Lands Study, authorized by the BOCC in 2011.

Task force members

Ginger Burr Roque Merritt
Sharon Bussler Monty Multanen
Ingrid Dankmeyer Mike Posey
Dan Dupuis Danny Walsh
Russ Grattan Byron Woltersdorf
Doug Hagedorn Bill Zimmerman
David Halme Robert Zumstein


Task force meeting minutes
The task force met 18 times between June 2009 and March 2010.

2010 minutes (PDFs) 2009 minutes (PDFs)
March 9 December 8
February 23 November 10
February 9 October 27
January 26 October 13
January 12 September 22
  September 8
  August 25
  August 11
  July 28
  July 14
  June 30
  June 16
  June 2


Agriculture Reports - 2007 Comprehensive Growth Management Plan

Project contact

Gordy Euler, Clark County Community Planning
(360) 397-2280 ext. 4968


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