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Discovery subarea aerial

Transportation planning

Discovery Subarea Plan


- What is a subarea plan?
- What steps are necessary?
- What are “design standards”?
- Will zoning change for my property?
- Who do I contact if I wish to become involved?

What is a subarea plan?
The Comprehensive Growth Management Plan establishes general patterns for future land use, transportation and other infrastructure needs. For more detailed planning on a geographic basis, subarea plans include plans for neighborhoods, corridors, Urban Reserve areas, special districts and joint planning areas. The adoption and incorporation of subarea plans into the Comprehensive Plan adds greater detail, guidance and predictability to future development.

What steps are necessary?
Your feedback will help create a formal plan with a vision for the area, design standards, zoning and improvements projected for the next 6 years. County staff will compile the feedback received at community meetings and report back to the Board of Clark County Commissioners (BOCC). The Planning Commission and the BOCC will review a draft subarea plan and hold public hearings before taking formal action. If adopted by the Board, the plan will become part of the 20-year comprehensive growth management plan.

What are “design standards”?
If approved by the Board of Clark County Commissioners, design standards become part of county code. Design standards establish site and building design, parking and pedestrian access, landscaping, signs, and residential developments.

Will zoning change for my property?
The final subarea plan may include zone changes in some areas, if approved by the Board of County Commissioners. For example, the planning process may lead to proposals to introduce mixed-use zoning in some areas, to allow a variety of uses, such as office, retail, and residential, on the same site. This could change the outlook for some properties currently zoned for commercial or residential uses alone.

Please watch for news and announcements about the open houses and related activities. Meanwhile, you can keep in touch be visiting by visiting this website, joining our e-mail list, or contacting the project manager.

Who do I contact if I wish to become involved?
You can join our e-mail list or contact:
Jeff Niten, Project Manager
Clark County Community Planning
(360) 397-2280 ext. 4909



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