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American Legion Hall Post #27

Did you Know?

At one time the upstairs of the building was used as a roller skating rink.




1554 NE 3rd Ave., Camas

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American Legion Hall



Located just east of downtown Camas, Washington, the American Legion Hall Post #27 is a 10,360 square feet, two-story, Arts & Crafts – rustic structure that was designed by local architect and WWI veteran Walter Day Hilborn.  Hillborn is known for designing many historic buildings in Clark County such as the Clark County Courthouse and Kiggins Theater (listed in the National Register of Historic Places) in Vancouver; and in Camas, the City Hall/Library and Stoller Building.

The building was designed for use as a multi-purpose facility with areas for meeting and event space as well as offices for the local American Legion Hall, also known as the Bennett Post #27 (the Post was initially named after Ray Bennett, a Camas/Washougal area resident that lost his life in France during World War I). It has also seen use as a roller skating rink and a neon sign company. While the building has gone through minor and mostly interior modifications over the years, the overall historical character of the building has remained largely intact.

Many Camas residents served in foreign wars or stepped into mill jobs vacated by those serving overseas. The American Legion Hall gave those returning from war and service in the military, a place to socialize and be with others that had shared in their experiences.  Although begun by veterans, for veterans, the Legion quickly became a gathering place for all members of the community.

Listed on the Clark County Heritage Register in 2012.

American Legion Hall Nomination Form (PDF)


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