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Peter J. Flynn House

Did you Know?

With exception of modern storm windows and the garage door, the exterior elements of the house appear original.


Circa ~ 1926


114 W. 20th St., Vancouver
Directions to the Flynn House

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Peter J. Flynn House



This Tudor style building was built in 1926 within a 1904 plat. The building walls are brick clad with a Flemish bond. The building has a steep pitched roof with a single dominant cross gable. The gable ends have plain verge boards. The main building entry is a small porch on the front façade.  A secondary entrance is located on the east façade and has an arched porch that projects from the building wall.

The building has two chimneys. One is prominently centered on the front façade of the cross gable and features a decorative base and two chimney pots. The second chimney is located on the west façade of the building and features a similar decorative base and two chimney pots. 

Windows are primarily multi-paned casements. Window patterns include single double and triple sash configurations at different locations. There is one large picture window on the front façade with an arched Tudor element.  Doorways include a heavy paneled front door and multi-paned glass side door.

The house also features an attached garage which was not typical at the time of construction. The garage doors have been replaced with a modern door.

The Hough Neighborhood is known for retention of the original buildings. Abutting structures appear to be of the same era.

The Flynn Family
The structure is associated with Clark County history with respect to the original owner, Peter J. Flynn and his family who owned and operated Flynn Furniture Company on Main Street in downtown Vancouver.  James M. Flynn was born in Ireland in 1857, immigrated to the United States, and married Bessie McGourty in 1884.  James and Bessie had four children; Peter, Charles, Agnes and Theresa. In 1903 James started Flynn’s Furniture in Monmouth Oregon.  Peter Flynn, born in July 11, 2888, took over operation of the business in 1912.  James died on January 11, 1927.  Bessie died in 1942.  Both are buried in the St. James Catholic cemetery in Vancouver, Washington. 

Flynn Furniture was located at 911 Main St., from 1934 to 1954.  The store was moved to 1012 Washington St., in 1955.  Peter Flynn died on September 13, 1965.  He was survived by his wife Mary, two daughters and five grandchildren.

  • Listed on the Clark County Heritage Register in 2007.
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