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Albert and Letha Green Barn

Did you Know?

The Greens' house and barn are the only remaining evidence of the community of Lewisville.


Circa ~ 1900


12112 N.E. Gren Fels Drive, Battle Ground
Directions to the Green Barn.

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Photo of the Albert and Letha Green Barn



The Green Barn is associated with the Albert & Letha Green House, which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Washington Heritage Register in 1982 and on the Clark County Heritage Register in 1984. The property is located on the south bank of the East Fork of the Lewis River, near the SR 503 Bridge.

The barn is exemplary of large agricultural structures built in the area at the beginning of the 20th century. Built primarily from materials produced on site or locally, the barn encompasses a large volume of space which supported dairy cattle, horse for hire and domestic stock keeping activities, all under one roof. The barn has a distinctive gabled roof form topped by gabled ventilation cupolas, and with red and white pained shiplap and board and batten siding, it exemplifies barns of the period. Due to its visible location historically and currently adjacent to modern day Highway 503, it has been a landmark known to people from the region for many generations.

The house and the barn represent the only remaining evidence of the small rural community of Lewisville, which once flourished on the north side of the river. Settlement patterns in Clark County have been historically those of isolated agricultural communities. These small, scattered settlements served the surrounding farms, making these areas fairly self sufficient. As transportation systems, highways and railroads reached into rural Clark County, the rationale for these communities no longer existed. Most of the settlements disappeared entirely.

Albert Green
Albert Green came from Tiverton, Ontario, to Lewisville around 1880-1885. The barn supported agricultural activities on Green’s large acreage. In addition to dairy cattle and hay production, Green ran a horse-for-hire operation called Green Meadows. He was best known in the county as a music teacher. He was self taught and with the aid of handmade music charts, traveled throughout the county organizing vocal “schools”. 

  • Listed on the Clark County Heritage Register in 2008.


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