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Kapus Farm

Did you Know?

The water tower supports the original 2,500 gallon wooden tank.


Circa ~ 1888


745 N. 65th Ave., Ridgefield Directions to Kapus Farm.

Open to public?



Kapus Farm



Water towerThe Kapus Farm is a significant historic asset in Clark County because of the architecture and as a well preserved complex that was farmed by the Kapus family from 1888 until the middle of the 20th century. 

The house is of the rural gothic vernacular style covered in a cedar shake roof. Across the east elevation, there is a full-width front porch. The porch features include slender Doric columns, paneled piers, and an enclosed balustrade. The water tower is a wooden construction. The flared walls are now covered in composite shingles, which replaced the original cedar. The house and yard are landscaped with mature coniferous and deciduous trees and ornamental plantings. 

  • Listed on the Clark County Heritage Register in 1992.
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