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Nelson Farmhouse

Did you Know?

This house is one of the last remaining farmhouses from the original Salmon Creek settlements.


Circa ~ 1891


12615 NE 5th Ave., Vancouver Directions to the Nelson Farmhouse

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Nelson Farmhouse


Nelson Farmhouse 1895
Nelson Farmhouse 1895.

The Nelson Farmhouse was built by Emanuel Nelson, an immigrant from Sweden, who moved to America and settled on 40 acres of land north of Vancouver in 1891.  The farmhouse, which he designed and built in that same year, represents what remains today of the original farmstead.  The house is a good example of a vernacular Greek Revival farmhouse of the late 19th century. 

Over the past one hundred years, the farmstead has changed due to the development of the area and the alterations to the property.  Much of the original Nelson Farmstead's 40 acres was sold and developed in 1977 into the residential subdivision known as Woodcreek Edition.  Although this historic farmhouse is surrounded  by an urban neighborhood, it retains its original siding, windows and doors.  The farmhouse and the Nelson's history provide an important reminder of the history of the Salmon Creek area and its agricultural beginnings.

  • Listed on the Clark County Heritage Register in 2009.
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