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Shobert House

Did you Know?

The builder, William Shobert also built the community church and several other local buildings.


Circa ~ 1905-07


621 Shobert Ave., Ridgefield
Directions to the Shobert House.

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Shobert House



The Shobert House is located on a broad flat terrace high above the Columbia River floodplain near the southern edge of the town of Ridgefield. The property as it exists today is a small portion of the original Donation Land Claim of Frederick Shobert, and a corner of the present lot reached Lake River, where Shobert’s Landing once provided access to the community and even gave it its name for a short time.  From its elevated site the house commands a magnificent vista to the west and south, across the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge on the floodplain below to the Columbia River.

The Shobert House is a 2.5 story, wood frame structure supported by a brick and concrete foundation. The basic form is a simple rectangle, amplified by projecting two-story polygonal bays on the north and west elevations, and embellished by three open porches—remnants of the original veranda which once encircled the house. The large hipped roof is interrupted by gables over the two projecting bays and at one end of the east elevation. 

Although there are many small, wood-frame houses in Ridgefield which pre-date the Shobert House, none exhibits the substantial scale, high level of craftsmanship, and richness of detail.

The Shobert House is a well known landmark and historic structure in Ridgefield and Clark County. The Shobert House represents the culmination of accomplishments of one of its preeminent pioneering families at a time when the town was a flourishing rural river community.

  • Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.
  • Listed on the Washington State Heritage Register in 1979.
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