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HWY 99 Subarea Plan
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Transportation planning

HWY 99 Subarea Plan

Planning area

The Highway 99 subarea is located in an urbanized area of unincorporated Clark County between Vancouver and Ridgefield. The planning area includes approximately 2,400 acres and extends from the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad Bridge near NE 63rd Street (south), Interstate 5 (west), NE 134th Street (north), and the Bonneville Power Administration Transmission Line Right-of-Way (east).

The area has a mix of housing, businesses, and undeveloped property, but it is regionally known for US Highway 99. This key corridor, next to Interstate 5, serves as a business district for the Hazel Dell, Salmon Creek, and Felida unincorporated areas.

Hwy 99 Subarea map

Highway 99 Subarea Plan boundary map (PDF 1MB)

Three Creeks Special Planning Area
The Three Creeks Special Planning Area was established by the Board of Clark County Commissioners with the adoption of the September 25, 2007 Comprehensive Plan. The commissioners appointed an advisory council to assist with subarea transportation plans, land use plans and related matters in the unincorporated urban areas around Hazel Dell, Felida, Lake Shore, Salmon Creek and the fairgrounds. This special planning area will give residents a larger and more direct voice in planning for their own future.

In the council's first year, they adopted a vision and mission (PDF) for the planning area and identified 8 distinctive subareas for future study.The Highway 99 subarea was the first area for review.


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