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Community Planning
HWY 99 Subarea Plan
Design standards and zoning
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Transportation planning

HWY 99 Subarea Plan


Title 40 Appendix F- Design standards and zoning
Draft Hybrid Form-Based Code - (Revised 04/21/10)
Table of contents (PDF)
  1: Introduction (PDF)
  2: Regulating Plans (PDF 2.5M)
  3: Frontage Type Standards (PDF 2.6M)
  4: Overlay standards (PDF 1.3M)
  5: Site Design Toolbox (PDF 2.2M)
  6: Building Design Toolbox (PDF 1.8M)
  7: Housing Type Standards (PDF 2M)
  8: General Provisions (PDF 3.2M)
  9: Streets and Trails (PDF 1M)
10: Definitions (PDF)

Potential Incentives for Hwy 99 Subarea Development (PDF)
Open House Survey Results - September 23, 2009 (PDF)

 FINAL Highway 99 Subarea Plan (PDF)

Technical reports (Appendix A of Hwy 99 Subarea Plan):

  1: Highway 99 Land Use and Demographics (PDF)
  2: Visual Preference Survey: Synopsis of Community Comments  (PDF 2.5MB)
  3: Transportation (PDF)
  4: Sidewalk System Inventory (PDF)
  5: Bike System Inventory (PDF)
  6: Parks, Trails & Open Spaces (PDF 1MB)
  7: Cultural & Historic Opportunities (PDF 2.5MB)
  8: Market Assessment (PDF 3.9MB)
  9: Health Impact Assessment (PDF 8MB)
10: Analysis of Form Based Zoning & Potential Applicability (PDF)
11: Economic Development Toolbox (PDF)
12: Analysis of Housing & Development Tools (PDF)
13: Stormwater (PDF)
14: Sustainable Development (PDF 1.5MB)
15: Community Safety (PDF)

FINAL Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (PDF)

Community Design Workshop
, October 8, 2008
Summary of community input (PDF)

Community Design Forum, September 27, 2007
Report back to the community presentation, October 10, 2007 (PDF - 4.7MB)
Community Design Forum summary of community input (PDF)
Video: Report back to the community, October 10, 2007**
Video: Community Design Forum, September 27, 2007**
Community Design Forum program (PDF)
Speaker biographies (PDF)
General principles, 2007 (PDF)

Committee information
Team 99 Committee members (PDF)
Clark County campus map (PDF)

Previous work
Concept Design Report, 2006
(PDF - 11MB)
Action Plan, 2004 (PDF)
Walkable Communities Workshop presentation, 2004 (PDF - 60MB) This is a very large file.

Clark County Close up program featuring Hwy 99 revitalization
- February 2009
- November 2008
- October 2007

Community Design Forum, September 27, 2007
Report back to the community, October 10, 2007

**You need Windows Media Player version 9 or higher installed on your computer to watch these videos. If you do not already have WM Player installed, a free download is available on the Microsoft Windows Media Web page.



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