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Community Planning
HWY 99 Subarea Plan
Design standards and zoning
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HWY 99 Subarea Plan


- What has been done so far?
- What is an example of a “vision” for a subarea?
- What are “design standards”?
- What is a hybrid form-based code?

What has been done so far?
Since September 2000, Team 99 has been working with the county to:

  • Complete a corridor concept design report that illustrates roadway improvements, streetscape design options and changes to local traffic circulation.

  • Conduct interviews with residents to prioritize improvements that would contribute to safe travel and the commercial viability of the corridor.

  • Conduct interviews with property and business owners to gauge interest in redevelopment efforts.

  • Research ways to achieve attractive redevelopment including land use and zoning, streetscape improvements, design standards, transit investments, code enforcement and funding mechanisms.

  • Develop an action plan to achieve the community’s vision for the area.

  • Develop the Highway 99 Subarea Plan adopted December 2008.

What is an example of a “vision” for a subarea?
The city of Vancouver has just completed a Vancouver City Center Vision and Subarea Plan (PDF 2.4MB). Each subarea plan reflects the interests and unique needs of the area being planned.

What are “design standards”?
If approved by the Board of Clark County Commissioners, design standards become part of county code. Design standards establish site and building design, parking and pedestrian access, landscaping, signs, and residential developments.

What is a hybrid form-based code?
Hybrid codes combine conventional zoning codes with graphic urban design standards that typically address setbacks, parking placement, building bulk, materials, and architectural features. The suburban and automobile-oriented development within the Highway 99 Sub-area warrants a “hybrid” form-based approach that is tailored specifically to the sub-area’s unique conditions and goals.


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