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Transportation planning

Commercial code

Project summary
A Technical Committee began meeting in May 2008 to review the Clark County Code as it relates to commercial zoning districts. The Planning Commission reviewed the committee's report and forwarded their recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners. On November 30, 2010, the Board of Clark County Commissioners approved all 14 actions recommended by the Planning Commission in the Staff Report:

  1. Amend CCC 40-230-010 Commercial Districts to reduce the number of urban commercial and modify Table 40.230.010-1;
  2. New CCC 40.210.050 Rural Commercial Districts;
  3. Amend CCC40.100.070 Definitions;
  4. Amend CCC 40.320.010 Landscaping;
  5. Amend Clark County 20-Year Comprehensive Plan, Chapter 1 Land Use;
  6. Repeal Title 40 Appendix C Commercial Design Guidelines;
  7. Amend Clark County 20-Year Comprehensive Plan Map and Zoning Map;
  8. Modify the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning designations as proposed for parcel numbers in Exhibit 6;
  9. Amend CCC 40.200-020 Zoning Classifications;
  10. Amend CCC Table 40.200.020-1 Zoning Districts;
  11. Amend CCC 40.260.250 (D)(3) Wireless Communications Facilities;
  12. Amend CCC 40.310.010 (F)(1) Requirements for Signs-General and by Zoning Districts;
  13. Amend CCC 40-310.010(F)(3)(c) Additional Standards for Signs Restricted by Land Use District; and
  14. Amend CCC Table 40.310.010-5 Additional Sign Standards for Industrial Districts.


Adopting Ordinance ORD2010-12-12 - December 14, 2010

Staff Report to Board of Clark County Commissioners - November 23, 2010

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes - October 21, 2010

Staff Report to Planning Commission - October 7, 2010

Proposed Draft Re-Zone of Limited Commercial Areas - October 2010

  • Area 1 - Hwy 99: Salmon Creek to 99th St.
  • Area 2 - Hwy 99: 78th St. to Minnehaha
  • Area 3 - NE St. Johns Rd.: NE 72nd Ave. to NE 119th St.
  • Area 4 - NE 4th Plain Blvd: SR500/NE Covington Rd.
  • Area 5 - NE 119th St./SR503
  • Area 6 - NE 78th St./St. Johns Rd.
  • Area 7 - NE Andresen/NE 78th St.

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