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Major computer problems disable voice mail for 1,200 county phones

Technical experts called in to diagnose outage, restore service


Mike Westerman, General Services
Phone: (360) 397-2323

Vancouver, WA – Technical experts are working day and night to restore voice mail to about 1,200 phones in Clark County offices following a system failure this week.

“The system was putting out too much power and it took down major computer boards,” said Mike Westerman of General Services, the department that oversees telecommunications for the county. “We have a team working to determine why it happened so they can prescribe and implement a solution.”

Westerman said it is not clear when voice mail will be back in service because technicians must repair connections between an older phone system and a voice mail system scheduled for replacement later this year.

“We are treating this as an urgent matter and understand that many callers may face confusion and frustration in attempts to contact individual employees who are away from their desks,” he said. “We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

Where possible, phones have been forwarded so callers can leave messages. Email also is an option for sending messages to employees not immediately available by phone and unable to receive voice mail. County email style uses first and last names separated by a period (dot) and followed by, as in the example for Westerman, above.

In addition, the county maintains an extensive website with information on all county programs. The site at provides answers to many common questions.

“We appreciate patience on the part of the public and our employees as we work this out,” said Westerman. “Voice mail is unfortunately simply out of order for incoming calls and calls between departments until further notice.”

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