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Transportation planning


Fees to recover lost or runaway pets and livestock to increase,

Licensing pets gets them home more quickly, keeps costs down


Paul Scarpelli, Animal Protection and Control
Phone: (360) 397-2375 ext. 4705

Vancouver, WA Owners of lost or runaway dogs, cats and other pets will pay more when they pick up their animals under a new fee structure approved today by the Board of County Commissioners.

Licensing a dog or cat ensures that owners will be notified more quickly when a pet is picked up by Animal Control or taken to the Humane Society for Southwest Washington. The sooner a pet and owner are reunited, the less expensive costs will be. Licensing information can be found at

The new fee structure was approved to help meet the costs of transporting and caring for lost, injured or runaway pets or livestock, said Paul Scarpelli, Animal Control manager. The new fees will take effect Jan. 1, 2013. These are the first such increases in 10 years.

Under the new fee structure, pet owners will pay:
$25 for transporting dogs and cats, $50 for livestock and $20 for all other animals.
Impound fees of $25 for the first incident, $50 for the second and $100 for the third incident over a 12-month period.
$25 per day to board dogs, cats and other pets and $50 per day to board livestock.
Veterinary costs in full, including a $50 minimum.

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