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County reminds off-leash users to clean up after their dogs

New sign at Dakota Memorial Dog Park highlights scoop requirement in county code


Bill Bjerke, Public Works
Phone: (360) 397-2285 ext. 1656

Vancouver, WA – Dog owners’ failure to obey Clark County’s scoop law has prompted the county to post warning signs at entrances to Dakota Memorial Off-Leash Dog Park.

Excessive amounts of dog waste have become a serious concern at the popular off-leash area in Pacific Community Park. The signs, which were posted last week, warn that the dog park could be closed for an undetermined amount of time for cleanup if dog owners do not clean up their pets’ waste.

County code requires dog owners and handlers to clean up after their animals. Failure to do so constitutes an unlawful public nuisance, punishable by a minimum $100 fine.

County animal control officers visit the off-leash area and issue citations to those ignoring the scoop requirement.

Clark County partnered with Dog Owners Group for Park Access in Washington, or DOGPAW, to develop the off-leash area. The site includes a dog waste station containing free plastic bags for owners to use to clean up after their dogs.

“This is about complying with county code, but it’s also about basic manners,” said Bill Bjerke, Clark County Parks Manager. “The county has worked with DOGPAW to establish off-leash areas. Dog owners need to do their part and keep this facility open.”

Clark County and DOGPAW are working together to address the dog waste issue and urge park users to follow county code.

Dakota Memorial Off-Leash Dog Park is an 8-acre off-leash area on the north side of Pacific Community Park, along Northeast 18th Street just outside east Vancouver. The park is named in honor of Dakota, a Vancouver Police Department canine who was killed while tracking a suspect in October 2007.

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