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Dollars Corner family wins Green Neighbors’ WasteBusters competition


Sally Fisher, Environmental Services
Phone: (360) 397-2121 ext. 4939

Vancouver, WA – A Dollars Corner family used a series of common-sense tips to greatly reduce the amount of waste it sends to the landfill.

The Hoyt family won the county’s third annual WasteBusters challenge by slashing its waste by more than 60 percent, from 24.25 pounds at the start of the competition to 9.6 pounds six weeks later. Garrett and Alyssa Hoyt, along with their five children, live on a small farm north of Dollars Corner.

WasteBusters, sponsored by Clark County Environmental Services, pits households against each other in a good-natured competition to reduce overall volume of waste and encourage recycling.

“Families like the Hoyts, who are teaching their children the importance of reducing waste, are the key to keeping our county and our environment healthy as our population grows,” said Don Benton, Clark County Environmental Services director.

The Hoyts began learning about reducing household waste through Columbia Springs’ Master Composter/Recycler Program and the WSU Clark County Extension’s Small Acreage Program.

The WasteBusters program took them to the next level for reducing, reusing and recycling through weekly instructions and challenges, as well as worm bins to reduce waste.

“I think the greatest benefit for our family was doing the waste audit,” Alyssa Hoyt said. “Knowing I would be doing an inventory of everything that went in our trash can, I evaluated the items I bought with the end waste in mind.”

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